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Beer Trades: Circles413

Nice guy, good communication and was easy to work with. Fast shipping and was able to grab me some nice beers!

Veritas46x2, Sep 11, 2014
IP trade was silky smooth. Excellent communication, personable & added some great extras including the COOLEST glass ever. AAA+

JavaNoire, Jul 22, 2014
Quick and easy trade. Great communication and crazy fast (1 day air) shipping. Included some very nice extras as well.

BMart, Jun 26, 2014
He is a great Trader! I would be happy to trade with him again. Thank you!

C2H5, Jun 14, 2014
Great trader and a great guy! Thanks man, I appreciate the extra!

C2H5, Jun 14, 2014
Great IP trade before DLD.

injuredreserve, Apr 30, 2014
Great IP trade, and Justin threw in a ton of nice extras! Would trade again.

blankenhoney, Apr 14, 2014
This was his first trade on here, and it was great. Highly recommend trading with him. Don't hesitate.

boxcar01, Mar 27, 2014
1 to 8 (out of 8)