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Beer Trades: Dave_Treat

Great beers. More than generous. Great packaging. Seems like a fantastic individual. Recommended.

chefmikeanderson, Dec 04, 2014
Great Trader. Perfect communication. Over the top on extras. If your not trading with Dave your missing out.

WCW, Nov 21, 2014
Awesome trader round #2. Do not hesitate to trade with Dave one of BA's best. Cheers!

UcDru, Nov 20, 2014
2nd trade completed. Solid guy to trade with. Highly recommend. Very good contact

Raziel313, Nov 13, 2014
Dave is an awesome trader. Great packaging and very generous. Hope to share some brews back and forth again in the future. Cheers!

UcDru, Nov 05, 2014
Solid trader. Quick negotiations. Already working on second trade

Raziel313, Nov 01, 2014
There needs to be an abso-frickin-lutely awesome rating! Bomb-proof packing, BRILLIANT beers, and super-friendly trade partner! Awesome!

mbmiche, Oct 11, 2014
Smooth trade; hope to exchange beers again some time!

Kurmaraja, Oct 08, 2014
Class A trader here folks, all around. Awesome box Dave, thanks!

bevoduz, Oct 03, 2014
Dave's the real deal. He's an awesome BA who ships super fast, packs like few would and includes extras you wouldn't believe!

HoppySeb, Sep 12, 2014
Great communications quick shipper and packaged great. lots of extras. All ready have second trade in process.

moneynoobject, Sep 11, 2014
Great trade with Dave, start to finish. Very easy to deal with. Crazy extras. We'll be trading again in the future for sure! Thanks, Dave!

niner99, Sep 06, 2014
Great communication, great extras. Thanks Dave!

sukwonee, Aug 21, 2014
Awesome trade! Dave knows what it's all about. Trade with Dave!! A+++ trader.

NHbeerguy, Aug 21, 2014
Great trade! Excellent, packaging, communication and very generous on the extras!

SoFla123, Aug 21, 2014
Great packaging, great communication, easy to deal with

cmw2987, Aug 20, 2014
All around great trader! quick and easy trade.

bostonbeans, Aug 08, 2014
Easy trade, great communication, sweet extras. Would trade with again.

Cronkite11, Jul 31, 2014
great trader nicely packed good extras shipped quickly will definite trade again in the future A++

mhksuccess, Jul 25, 2014
great extras and nice packaging! thanks!

threedaggers, Jul 24, 2014
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