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Beer Trades: Gmr75

Great Trader, willing to make it fair and responds quickly. Shipping is fast and safely packed.

geekrot, Aug 31, 2014
Fantastic trader. Super chill, easy negotiating, if you want to call it that. Look forward to more down the line.

boutwell, Aug 31, 2014
Very quick and easy trade, great communication, threw in some extras. Would trade with again.

Treyliff, Aug 22, 2014
Awesome trader! Easygoing, great communication, promp shipping and super extras! One of the best

lookrider, Aug 15, 2014
First class trader. Would happily trade with again!

TheBronze, Aug 08, 2014
Outstanding box he sent for an open-ended FT of mine. Then he was most understanding on a delay due to personal family tragedy. A++ thanks!

DooshBagalow, Jul 31, 2014
Prompt shipping + exceptional packing + copious extras = Great trader!

mklisz, Jul 23, 2014
Great IP trade at NHC. Highly recommended. Thanks for the banquet ticket offer, next year I'll be there!

guityler83, Jun 17, 2014
Met Greg for an IP trade while on his trip through Michigan. Smooth trade and a great guy to have a beer with! Look forward to another swap!

Clownoisseur, Jun 12, 2014
Second Trade with Greg. Awesome trader, smooth transactin as usal. Very generous. Highly recommend trading with Greg, very generous BA!

mtpHokie, Jun 05, 2014
Very generous trader. Trade was quick and easy. BA needs more traders like this.

loverofthecraft, May 30, 2014
Quick shipping, excellent communication, awesome extras, what more could I want? I would definitely trade again.

PGH_Penguins, Apr 06, 2014
Very nice trade, awesome extras. Look forward to trading with in the future.

cpetrone84, Apr 03, 2014
Perfectly executed trade: fast, communicative, super-fresh beer, and well-considered extras. Have already set up next trade. Recommended.

JayORear, Mar 29, 2014
Is there a rating higher than good? This is an awesome trader. Great communication, packaging and some killer extras.

3sheets2wind, Mar 19, 2014
This trade could not have been any quicker, easier, or better! I got a bunch of amazing beer extremely quickly! Amazing trader!

falc0n2600, Mar 19, 2014
Another great trade, including great extras.

goryshkewych, Mar 15, 2014
Great trade, kept me in the loop very well, which was appreciated given the terrible weather.

mtunnell, Mar 07, 2014
Trading with Greg was great. It very well could of been the fastest trade I've ever done!

MyIronLung, Feb 28, 2014
Just an awesome experienced trader. Really easy to work with, no haggling necessary, very fair, will def trade with again! Recommended!

Abbbp, Feb 22, 2014
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