Beer Trades: Jas45678

Every time i trade with this guy he always blows up my porch. Solid guy all around and always look forward to our trades

CTJman, Nov 26, 2014
More than perfect. Worked around my schedule and went over the top with great extras.

WCW, Nov 26, 2014
Good asset to BA. Thank you

fthegiants, Oct 01, 2014
Great guy, recommended trader.

linnymtu, Aug 01, 2014
Extremely generous trader/BIFer. Great communication and packing job. Prompt shipping. Overly generous extras. Will trade with again!

sandman3479, May 01, 2014
i cant say anything negative about jason. always spot on and always goes out of his way to get what i want - best ba

CTJman, Apr 16, 2014
Jason went way above and beyond. We agreed to just 4 bottles and he blew me out of the water with a ton of wants. Definitely trade w/ again!

Haywire, Apr 06, 2014
Good trader. IP trade and clear communication. Great extra.

isojealous, Apr 05, 2014
Another Great Trade. jas is always blowing up my porch with MI goodness. Ridiculous extras, packed Bomb proof. The best of BA

pjkelley82, Mar 19, 2014
Great IP trade with this man! He met me at my work! Beer delivery service is very nice! Have no fear when trading with this guy.

Abawol01, Mar 18, 2014
Jason is an awesome guy, had a chance to meet him in person at a bottle share. Highly recommended!

nesarebad, Jan 10, 2014
Super generous, easy to work with, and well organized. Thanks again!

jdhowe, Jan 10, 2014
Very generous trader, would never hesitate to trade with him.

MMBrew, Jan 10, 2014
Got to meet up with Jason to do an IP trade and it went off without a hitch. Great trader all around and delivers as promised.

Haywire, Jan 09, 2014
quick trade, easily done. would trade with again since it was so seamless.

Houser, Jan 09, 2014
IP Trade at SWTFYW share. Great Trader and Super Generous guy. I plan on trading with him in the future!!

smo, Jan 09, 2014
Easy IP trade would trade again

Dicers, Jan 07, 2014
IP trade at a bottle share. Nice to finally meet you. Thanks

zekeman17, Jan 06, 2014
Great trader - i asked for a favor and went above and beyond. Highly recommend and hope to trade with again soon.

CTJman, Nov 26, 2013
There should be a 1 in a million option on leave feedback for this guy. Crushed me with extras. Dont trade with him.. leave him to me.

pjkelley82, Nov 23, 2013
1 to 20 (out of 20)