Beer Trades: PeakedInHighSchool

While a long time beer guy - I had never traded before. Executed my first trade with Trevor and I think both of us left pleased. Thanks!

mschantz, Saturday at 05:54 PM
Trevor shipped everything really quickly and added in some awesome extras!

SicEmChris, Dec 22, 2014
Great trade! Trevor hooked me up with a big want for a New Year's tasting. Will definitely trade with again soon!

turbo622, Dec 20, 2014
Great trader, worked out a great trade and was easy to work with. Will trade again.

GrizXTKEX519, Dec 16, 2014
Great trader, good experience all around, would trade with again anytime. A+ thanks again!

JBPortland, Dec 15, 2014
Just a great dude and an excellent trader! Look forward to doing some more in the future!

MNBeerGeek, Nov 30, 2014
Great trader, very easy negotiations. Very fast shipping, great packing, solid extras!

CHSASVbeer, Oct 22, 2014
Great trader! Solid beers, solid extras, solid packaging. Very happy, would love to trade again!

PuckIt, May 30, 2014
Trevor is the just and noble Captain of the ship Pequod who doles out his catch of walez to those of us that are not worthy. Trade with him.

brycevolk, May 27, 2014
Absolutely nothing to complain about. Everything you would expect out of a solid trader.

jrman1386, May 07, 2014
Shipped fast, packaged well, solid extras. Would trade with again anytime!

jnardone235, May 03, 2014
Great trade, lots of great beer exchanged hands! Superb packaging. Hope to trade again soon!

LightSaber, Apr 19, 2014
Did a local IP trade with trevor, great guy, trade with confidence with Trevor, he'll hook you up.

KCBeerNerd, Apr 15, 2014
Quick shipment, incredibly well packed, and some excellent extras. Great BA - hook this guy up if you can!

Kurmaraja, Apr 14, 2014
Excellent trader. Would definitely trade again. Highly recommend.

trevor_s, Apr 10, 2014
A GIANT box was sent to my by Trev. The extras nearly outnumbered the actual trade. Excellent trader and great communication. Trade with him

greg4579, Apr 02, 2014
IP trade: Great trade with Trevor this week. Excellent communication and extras. Planning a tasting with him this Friday. Awesome dude!

Thishops4u, Mar 28, 2014
Trev is fantastic. Great communication. Shipped promptly. Well packaged. Hoped to trade with again.

Zaximus, Mar 27, 2014
Great trade, excellent communication/shipping. Great trader and would absolutely trade again.

WCW, Mar 13, 2014
Great communication and well packaged box. Easy trade that I would do again without hesitation.

greg4579, Mar 12, 2014
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