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Beer Trades: fthegiants

Great trade! Helped me out big time with a Christmas present! Thanks so much.!

Josh012012, Yesterday at 04:17 AM
Honestly I can't keep track. This is like #6 now. Great packing, excellent communication. Great trade.

homer321, Tuesday at 08:15 PM
Great communication, fast shipping, great extras...a lot to like here! Trade with confidence with this guy.

pumpkinsmasher, Dec 12, 2014
Good is not the word. How about F---ing Awesome! Don't mess with this guy or I'll be coming after you! Great trade as usual.

Kevinpitts, Dec 12, 2014
Great communication, quick shipper w/ extras. Would trade again for sure.

JHE73, Dec 10, 2014
Repeat trader. Good trade as always. Next trade already in the works!

Kevinpitts, Dec 07, 2014
Very nice guy did an In person trade great communication/time super easy to deal with will trade again for sure A++++

mhksuccess, Dec 05, 2014
Great trader, great extras. Good guy.

alefish, Nov 30, 2014
Great easy trade! Nice packing job and fast shipping. Would trade with again

DenverBeerDrinker, Nov 29, 2014
As all other feedback with him, great trader, ridiculously fast shipping and cool extras.

Marco_Gtz, Nov 26, 2014
Excellent communication! Great extras! Would trade again!

uvachief, Nov 26, 2014
Fantastic box...very easy trade..Nice communication....cant ask for anything more

tommyz, Nov 25, 2014
Good communication. Fast shipping. Great trading experience. Thanks.

RandomPerson, Nov 22, 2014
Great trade, bringing some west coast goodies east. Much appreciated. Great trader.

JasonHaviland, Nov 22, 2014
Great trade, out did me on the extras!!!

rbrefbeerman, Nov 22, 2014
Stellar packaging fast shipping and top shelf extras, couldnt get any better!

BarofGold, Nov 19, 2014
Great trade. Well packaged. Pleasure to deal with. Would trade again!!

larryspro66, Nov 19, 2014
Great trader. Highly recommended.

jbaker67, Nov 18, 2014
Ludicrous speed shipping. Updates galour. A little something something extra. Highly recommended.

benrez, Nov 16, 2014
Great trader, good extras. Recommended.

RedDon, Nov 15, 2014
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