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Beer Trades: fthegiants

Quick communication, quick shipping and nice extras. Would do it all over again.

dvnb, Thursday at 07:26 PM
Fun small trade. Great communication, well packaged, great all around trader.

Texasfan549, Sep 10, 2014
Great trader, nothing to complain about here!

SoFla123, Sep 08, 2014
Fantastic beer and a fantastic extra. Thanks!

_RL_, Sep 07, 2014
Great trader, good communication, fast shipping, and nice extras!

ATabs, Sep 05, 2014
Fast shipping, easy communication, awesome extras. Great trader+++

miggs3030, Sep 03, 2014
Fun extra well packed yes 100%

Pedaldownthefoothill, Aug 30, 2014
Great trader, fast shipping

Dewback9, Aug 29, 2014
Great box of west coast love. Right on time! Would trade again without a doubt.

Christopper, Aug 29, 2014
Great trader. Very quick shipping, well-packed, awesome extra on a small trade. Thanks!

Tricerahops, Aug 27, 2014
Super-easy, quick trade. Can't wait to try the extra!

SweetChicken, Aug 26, 2014
Thanks for helping me on my first trade! fast shipping and an extra! Thanks again

Dirtyrican987, Aug 21, 2014
Smooth, solid trade. Packed well and nice extras.

rudzud, Aug 20, 2014
Very experienced trader here. Made it easy for a first timer. Very helpful and fast shipping. Would definitely trade with again.

aj_tuna, Aug 14, 2014
Super smooth & sweet trade experience. Terrific communication. Shipped FAST & secure. Included GREAT extras! AAA+ all the way.

JavaNoire, Aug 11, 2014
Thanks a ton! Excellent selection of extras, great packing!

MattyPrize, Aug 07, 2014
Great trader! He included a bunch of great extras.

Flank7, Aug 02, 2014
Excellent trader - works fast. Superb packaging and amazing west coast beer!

Swettenham_Shire, Aug 01, 2014
2nd trade with BA and there will definitely be more....again great packaging, quick shipping and great communication. Great trader here!

Ipaguy516, Jul 26, 2014
great trader. its my second time which shows I approve. fast, great communication and great packing.

mc51, Jul 24, 2014
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