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Beer Trades: markgugs

Great IP trade with Mark. He was incredibly flexible and a super cool dude. Let's trade again sometime soon!

m100, Today at 06:08 AM
Do not hesitate to trade with this man. He is very fair and will treat you well if you do so in return.

Jared14, Yesterday at 09:45 AM
Wow mark is the best. If you want your porch blown up, he's the guy. Great communication, fast shipping, and a true gentleman!

cardsfan, Thursday at 02:22 AM
Beyond good, trading with Mark is always quick, easy, and rewarding. Far and away one of the best guys to trade with. Cheers, Mark!

jrdaniel859, Thursday at 02:07 AM
Mark killed it again! Excellent trader and amazing box of tasty treats!

dsigmon, Wednesday at 09:17 PM
Excellent packaging, communication, not just a regular trading partner but a good friend. A+++ Hook this guy up, he will hook you up!

hawkfarmorganic, Wednesday at 03:37 PM
There is a reason he is so revered around here. Mark killed me with an incredibly great box today. Was a blind trade and Mark nailed it!

PA-Michigander, Wednesday at 01:12 AM
Gugs slayed it again all around. Great trader

satisfied1013, Sep 13, 2014
Tough to ship growlers and he packed em great, although they didn't last long once they got to me. Highly recommended!

Sisky, Sep 13, 2014
It has always been & continues to be an absolute pleasure to trade with Mark. A great BA. Cheers, my friend!

buyyourfreedom, Sep 12, 2014
Mark hooked me up with some great New Jersey beers. Phenomenal packaging, great communication and awesome extras! Trade with this guy!

benloho, Sep 10, 2014
The quickest and easiest trade I've had so far. Nailed some wants as extras! I hope I get to trade with him again! Mark's the man!

zoober911, Sep 10, 2014
Very Generous, great communication and fast shipping

Dicers, Sep 08, 2014
I'm absolutely speechless. Mark couldn't have sent a better return box. This guy is a HEAVYWEIGHT!

BeersAndBears, Sep 05, 2014
Mark is a great trader. Our trade came together really quickly. Highly recommended. Looking forward to future trades with Mark.

jbaker67, Sep 04, 2014
Mark was great to trade with! I received the package quickly and he threw in a few extras as well. Couldn't be more pleased.

Vestlake, Sep 04, 2014
Had to unfortunately back out of trade before any beer was sent. Mark could have been a little more understanding but def a good trader .

illinikap, Sep 02, 2014
Mark is a great trader. He sent me a wonderful mystery box with several top notch beers. Highly recommended!

bccocx, Aug 29, 2014
Just called a contractor in to give me an estimate on front porch repairs as Mark's box completely destroyed it!!

wspanic201, Aug 29, 2014
Such a damn good trade! Would trade several times over with Mark! Ridonkulous extras. Super quick, great guy, awesome communication! So good

TonyJ815, Aug 29, 2014
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