Original Sin Hard Cider

by: BeerAdvocate on 12-27-2006
Sometimes we crave something different, and, yes, we have been known to stray from beer. A bold merlot with a bowl of macaroni and gravy (aka “Red Gold”); some single-malt scotch as a nightcap; Bloody Marys; or even the occasional pint of cider at the pub. And cider is a different beast altogether. From the Vermont hard cider we used to quaff back in the late ’80s, to the real Scrumpy we choked on in the ’90s, to the handful we have available to us now. Original Sin Hard Cider is one that stands out from the rest. Back in 2003, the New York Times dubbed OS the best American cider. And apparently, it's "a natural and refreshing alcoholic beverage made from the best apples." But for us, the proof is in the pint.

The Taste
‘Original Sin Hard CiderWe sampled a few 12-ounce bottles of this cider, chilled down to 40 degrees. Light, fizzy bubbles rise to the top while pouring. Very pale yellow color. Low carbonation. At first glance, you might almost think this is a white wine. Smells of a blend of Pink Lady, Granny Smith and McIntosh apples; a bit buttery and musty in the back. Sulfites are very hard to detect. Very light body, very white-wine-ish. Tartness leads the way, soft but with a bite. Light, earthen notes; apple skin and apple pulp, middle to back. Sweet and sour apple flavor in the middle. Kiss of warmth from the alcohol. Wet and refreshing; almost too drinkable. At 6 percent alcohol by volume, any more than a few glasses will make you loopy.

Final Thoughts
As far as ciders go, this is certainly one of the best available. Too many of the ciders out there now are sickly-sweet. This is more like the English-style cider. It’s certainly no Scrumpy, but it won’t have you gagging on the sugar, either. Give it a try, paired with Original Sin-marinated turkey tips and sweet potato fries, or pan-seared salmon with porcini risotto.

In the Boston area, look for it on tap or in the bottle at RedBones (Somerville), The Publick House (Brookline) or Grendel’s Den (Harvard Square). It’s also available in six-packs at Downtown Wine & Spirits (Somerville), Liquor World (Cambridge) and Blanchard’s (Allston). For everyone else, checkout their website for distributors in your area.

For more info: www.origsin.com

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