BeerAdvocate's American Beer Fest to Expand Minds and Palates

by: BeerAdvocate on 05-24-2007
Boston, MA - May 18, 2007 - There's beer, and then there's American Beer! On June 15 & 16, attendees of BeerAdvocate's 3rd Annual American Beer Fest in Boston will taste the difference during the two-day fest featuring a night of 100% lagers and a day of vast diversity.

"There's no denying that American brewers are crafting some of the best and most exciting beers in beerdom today. Our goal is to celebrate this achievement by waking people up, educating them, and giving them a chance to taste some of these great beers," said Todd Alström, co-founder of BeerAdvocate.

Friday, June 15 is Night of the Lagers, a special themed session featuring upwards of 40 lagers and a moderated guest speaker panel that plans on destroying the popular misconception that all American lagers are yellow, fizzy, and boring. On Saturday, June 16 the fest will host two sessions, guest speakers, great food, and over 40 American brewers pouring over 125 different beers.

"We say this every year, but between the diversity of beers being brewed and the culture created by those who appreciate it, today is an awesome time to be a beer drinker in the United States," added brother and co-founder, Jason Alström.

Tickets for the Night of the Lagers on June 15 are available exclusively online; $45, includes beer tastings, education and snacks. Tickets for both sessions on June 16 can also be purchased online now, or at select locations in the Boston area starting next week; $40, includes beer tastings and education.

The 3rd Annual American Beer Fest is being organized and hosted by BeerAdvocate, sponsored by the Harpoon Brewery and Boston's Weekly Dig, catered by the Sunset Grill & Tap and the Waffle Haus, and held at The Cyclorama at The Boston Center for the Arts on June 15 & 16 in Boston, MA.

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