Fuck spring! We have Heller Hound!

by: BeerAdvocate on 05-09-2007
Normally, most brewers gear up for spring with the same old American Wheats, Hefeweizens and Belgian Wits—but not Colorado’s Flying Dog Brewery. Labeled as an “anti-spring” beer, Flying Dog’s Heller Hound Bock Beer is a 6.2 percent alcohol by volume Helles Bock, brewed to style with Weyerman Vienna, Weyerman Light Munich and Weyerman Cara Hell from Germany, and hopped with German Perle, Hersbrucker and US Sazz.

Flying Dog’s Heller Hound Bock BeerOften lumped together with Maibocks (malty lagers), this style of beer tends to be lighter in color than other Bock beers and often has a significant hop character with a noticeable alcohol that’s similar to most traditional Bocks—ranging from around 5.5 to 8 percent ABV. Customarily served in the spring, Bock releases tend to coincide with festivals and celebrations in May. So what does it mean to release an anti-spring beer—which is actually a traditional German spring offering—in spring? Who knows, but let’s try it out …

The Taste
The pour yields three fingers of white head that imageleaves a sticky trail of lace down the glass; the orange/golden color of this brew shows a perfect clarity. Herbal hop and cake-batter aroma; aromatic, yet clean to the nose. Its thick medium body is creamy and rounded, with a crisp and moderate carbonation. There’s certainly enough malt to go around, with rustic bready flavors, a layer of toastiness and a backdrop of caramel with a honey edge. Just enough hops to balance with a clean semi-sharp bitterness and a long, lingering herbal flavor. Some warmth from the alcohol is evident from middle to end, definitely more in the drying finish.

Final Thoughts
Not too shabby at all. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it’s interesting, to say the least. Now why is this just a seasonal? Nothing beats a flavorful strong lager, and this is definitely one of the best beers that Flying Dog brews. Serve it in a tall pilsner glass, not too cold. Pair it up with a plate of sauerbraten with extra red cabbage. Prost!

For more info: flyingdogales.com

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