American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations

Shelf Talker by | Aug 2014 | Issue #91

American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations
By Michael Tonsmeire
Brewers Publications, July 2014, $19.95

It all started with childhood competitions with his sister over how long they could hold a Warhead in their mouths. Probably a few cavities and a lot of Lambics later, Michael Tonsmeire has produced the quintessential textbook for making sour beers. No intro with “the four main ingredients of beer” here. Writing for accomplished homebrewers ready to take the leap and small breweries that want to start dabbling in sours, Tonsmeire pools the knowledge of all the greats: We get flow charts graphing the souring methods of experts from The Lost Abbey, Allagash and Cambridge Brewing Company; specs down to the degree Fahrenheit from Rodenbach; and peer-reviewed journal citations detailing microbe behavior in beer. You’ll learn how to harvest bottle dregs, ferment spontaneously, wood age, add fruits and vegetables, age and blend. This tome is an incredible contribution to beer making. Also, my sister could take him in a Warhead competition any day. 

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