12-Bottle Aluminum Travel Safe

Wares by | Jun 2007 | Issue #6

You’ve a got a dilemma. You’re on vacation, you just went on a whirlwind tour of breweries, and you bought a sweet lineup of some rare and exotic beers. You can’t carry them on the flight home because of current restrictions on liquids. You could run down to your nearest UPS or FedEx before your flight and attempt to ship them home—and spend the whole time praying that they don’t get smashed or confiscated on the way. But if you’re looking for a better way to travel with your beer, don’t worry: There’s a solution for the high-flying beer geek.

Designed for wine bottles, this badass aluminum safe securely holds 12 bottles (bombers or 750ml magnums) in foam storage to protect them from breaking and keep them cool. The safe features heavy-duty handles on its sides, a telescoping handle and wheels for easy hauling. It’s also FAA-approved for airline travel, so you can load it up with beer, check it on the flight as baggage and sleep like a baby the entire flight home, knowing that your prized bottles are safe and secure in the cargo cabin below you.
[$399. Available through wineenthusiast.com