Lupulin Madness!

Beer Smack by | Mar 2015 | Issue #98

First, don’t get us wrong. We love a good hop-forward beer. Really, we do. But these days, India Pale Ales (IPAs) are dominating the market and have become as gimmicky as hot sauces. Too many brewers seem so obsessed with chasing the style that they simply throw a bunch of hops and some hipster branding at a batch in an attempt to catch a ride on the Lupulin Express. And it’s becoming samey, even annoying, as other beer styles seem to be left unexplored.

Seriously. We feel like we’re listening to Private Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue talk about shrimp in Forrest Gump. “Anyway. Like I was sayin’. Hops are the fruit of the beer. You’ve got English IPA, Imperial IPA, American IPA, American Double IPA, Belgian IPA, Triple IPA, Quadruple IPA, Fresh Hop IPA, Wet Hop IPA, Dry-Hopped IPA, Barrel-Aged IPA, Rye IPA, Wheat IPA, Black IPA, Red IPA, Brown IPA, White IPA, Wild and Brett IPA, Fruited IPA, Spiced IPA, Session IPA, French-Pressed IPA, Distilled Hop IPA, Pumpkin Peach IPA … That … That’s about it.”

Stop the madness.

So, brewers, we challenge you to stop following this trend. Become a leader instead. Show us that there’s more to beer than paint-by-number IPAs.

Respect Beer.