Cantillon Brewery Gears Up to Double Production

News by | Sep 2014 | Issue #92

Cantillon owner Jean Van Roy announced on the company’s Facebook page that they had secured new operating space that would enable the brewery to double its annual output. Located just over 300 yards from the brewery, this new space will be used primarily for housing barrels for aging.

But we won’t see a sudden flood of Cantillon in the US. Due to the brewery’s strict production methods—which include barrel aging and blending a beer over the course of at least two years—brewery output won’t officially double for four years.

Even when Cantillon doubles its current output, production will still only be roughly 3,000 barrels per year, explains Christian Gregory, breweries manager with Shelton Brothers Specialty Importers. “Still less than your average brewpub. It’s kind of a miracle we get any in the US in the first place,” he says.

With the increase, the US could see more Cantillon as early as 2016. “The most important part of the new production will be [for] the local market, Brussels, and the United States,” says Van Roy.

“The opportunity to open a new location and to increase our production is due to all the people that have the love and passion [for] traditional Lambic during the last 20 years. A lot of them are Americans and I could never thank them enough,” says Van Roy.