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Innovation by | Mar 2016 | Issue #110

Aromatherapy has long been touted as a means for relaxation in this world of ever-increasing stress. But sometimes lavender and lemongrass just won’t take you to your happy place like that first burst of hops when you crack open an IPA. Thanks to the creators of HopNose though, you can breathe in that dank, piney smell from anywhere—no beer required.

You know those ubiquitous tree-shaped auto air fresheners? HopNose is similar, only it looks like a giant hop cone and smells like Chinook hops—still piney, but with a more resinous hop smell than Christmas trees. Just remove HopNose from its packaging, hang it on your rear-view mirror (or wherever you need a hops fix) and let the scent start wafting. Not only does HopNose give you a dose of aromatherapy, it’s also a visual cue that you’re a hophead.

A homebrewer and hophead himself, HopNose creator Paul Wortman (who arguably has a great name for a brewer) came up with the idea in 2014. “I was trying my hand at a clone of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA, which requires continually adding hops throughout the brewing process. While basking in the aroma of each hoppy addition, I thought there had to be a way to keep the scent of hops around even when not brewing. After having no luck finding a hops air freshener I could buy, I decided to make my own.” The first HopNose sold in August 2015.

Nailing the juicy hops scent wasn’t easy. “There were months of trial and error evaluating the scent we created against the flowers, oils and extracts of real hops,” says Wortman. Thanks to feedback from customers, plans are in the works for a second iteration with a fruity, citrus aroma.

You’ll find HopNose for sale at many beer-focused retailers across the country. For a full list or to buy one online for $4.99, visit 

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