Beery Greetings

Innovation by | Apr 2016 | Issue #111

A gift of six hand-selected beers deserves to be carried and presented in something a little more special than a used six-pack holder—especially for special occasions. That’s why Ashley Edmonds created Beer Greetings, a line of artfully designed six-pack carriers with a built-in greeting card.

Under the brand Smartsy LLC, the Atlanta-based inventor and her husband develop innovative brands that solve problems they encounter in everyday life. With three brothers in the beer industry, the idea for Beer Greetings came to Edmonds when she found herself struggling to find a good way to gift a special six-pack.

“We found ourselves gifting beer to friends and family for all sorts of occasions—housewarmings, birthdays, new babies, graduations, etc. But there was no good way to gift a six-pack,” she remembers.

While special releases and mixed six-pack selections at many retailers make for popular gifts, Edmonds found the packaging left something to be desired. “These retailers typically just use generic carriers or used boxes as packaging,” she says. “Beer Greetings offers casual beer drinkers and beer snobs alike a fun way to gift beer for any occasion, a privilege wine drinkers have had for years.”

The simple idea came with some challenges, though. “We learned that a basic six-pack carrier is the most complicated box to manufacture. And we wanted to make it even more complex.” After several design iterations, Beer Greetings hit the market last summer.

Beer Greetings come in seven different designs fitting a wide range of occasions, from birthdays and congratulations to those times when you want to say “Thank You” or “I Love You” with some brews. Even more designs are in planning for 2016. Find them at retail beer shops across the country or at And at $4.95 each, they aren’t much more expensive than a greeting card. Take that, Hallmark!