The Beer Geek Handbook

Shelf Talker by | Jun 2016 | Issue #113

The Beer Geek Handbook
by Patrick Dawson
Storey Publishing
April 2016, $14.95

According to Patrick Dawson, if you’re gluten tolerant and have a functioning liver, becoming a beer geek should be a given. Unfortunately, the snobs out there can make beer seem unapproachable for “noobs.” The Beer Geek Handbook is Dawson’s answer to the upturned noses among us; a dry, unapologetic survey of the craft beer lifestyle. He offers tips on hosting beer tastings and trading online, and eases the reader into hot-button issues like parentage and the role of style guidelines. Insidery trivia, like tracing the popularity of Porter to Hill Farmstead’s Everett, prove Dawson’s expertise. He’s not afraid to say that most collaboration beers taste like “lizard nuts,” and that bartenders who push beer cocktails are “misguided.” But he never lets the on-point sarcasm overshadow his love for beer, urging budding beer geeks to become activists, not snobs. Follow his advice, and soon your bottle shop will be setting aside bombers for you without asking.