Hotels Opening with On-Site Breweries Offer Rooms with a Brew

News by | Feb 2017 | Issue #121

Beginning this year, when guests check in at The Source Hotel in Denver, they’ll be able to get a beer poured right at the reception desk. The draft line will be part of a brewery built into the hotel and operated by New Belgium Brewing Company. Opening in late 2017, the facility will have an annual brewing capacity of 1,000 barrels and will include 34 barrels in a rooftop lounge dubbed “The Woods” for aging sour beers.

“Many people seek out an authentic sense of the place they are visiting when they travel,” says Jenn Vervier, director of sustainability and strategic projects for New Belgium. “Drinking beer made right in the hotel where you’re staying can certainly add to that sense of place.”

It may sound like a novel idea, but The Source isn’t the only example of this phenomenon—several other new hotels now contain or will soon have on-site breweries. In Valley Center, Calif., Harrah’s Resort Southern California opened a brewery in November. And this summer, the Westin hotel at the Denver International Airport is set to open a new brewery on the fifth floor in collaboration with Tivoli Brewing and Tom’s Urban Kitchen.

“We are attempting at the airport to make ourselves more of a destination than just an airport where people are flying in and out,” says Heath Montgomery, senior public relations officer for DIA. “It will pull people in who are already at the airport and those who may not be there otherwise.”

For New Belgium, The Source Hotel was an opportunity to integrate beer with the location in a way that transcends the tasting room, says Vervier, explaining that the brewery is set to work with hotel staff to plan meals and drinks.

According to Justin Croft, The Source’s project manager, the brewery will be built within the heart of the building, with glass walls allowing visitors to feel like they’re a part of the process. “The whole idea has been to highlight ‘craft,’” says Croft. “Watching people brew beer and being able to drink it on site … takes it to another level.”