Overrated Is Overused

Beer Smack by | Feb 2017 | Issue #121
Illustration by Mike Hughes

Commonly used to disparage movies, artists, celebrities, games, and other people and things in popular culture, the word overrated is grossly overused. As such, it’s become an absolutely meaningless—albeit effective—inflammatory buzzword used to garner clicks, elicit defensive responses, and smugly attempt to disrupt and dismiss constructive opinions from others.

And beer isn’t immune. In countless posts across the internet we see “overrated” used (and misused) as a default reference to beers and brewers by far too many people, usually with no substance to back it up.

Listen: Taste is subjective. There’s no right or wrong. Sure, you’re free to not like a beer as much as others, but if you need to flex your superiority by declaring everyone else categorically wrong, you’re grossly misusing the word. And when we pair that with your inability to clearly express your dislike using more than one word (or maybe even in the form of a meme to reinforce your juvenile intentions), you’re simply trolling.

We believe that it’s the utter lack of understanding and appreciation for the fundamentals that’s brought this unfortunate practice to beer. For example, we’re now seeing people view new brewers who’ve built their entire business on a trend as superior, while those who don’t follow the latest trends are tagged as overrated despite consistently brewing classic styles for decades.

Civility is underrated. If you want to be taken seriously, the misuse and overuse of overrated needs to stop.

Respect Beer. 

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