Rack of Lamb Persillade: 3 Pairings

Table Mates by | Feb 2017 | Issue #121
Photo by Kevin Marple

Knife, a reinvention of the Texas steakhouse by James Beard-nominated chef John Tesar, specializes in new and classic dishes prepared with locally raised meats along with a selection of handcrafted beers and cocktails. To prepare his rack of lamb persillade, a classic French dish combining parsley and garlic, chef Tesar coats the lamb with Dijon mustard and parsley-seasoned breadcrumbs before roasting, resulting in a crunchy, savory crust and juicy, tender meat. Anthony Sieben, manager of the Dallas restaurant, suggests three pairings.

Dirty Bastard | 8.5% ABV
Founders Brewing Co.
The combination of malts in this Scotch Ale give it a richness that brings out the complexities of this dish. Intricate notes of smoke and peat in the beer complement not only the lamb’s rich and savory flavors, but the fresh herbal notes of the persillade. The more pronounced hops in the finish refresh the palate, while the 8.5 percent ABV cuts through the fat, creating a delicious beer and lamb combo.

Revolver Bock | 6.5% ABV
Revolver Brewery
With an incredible balance of caramel and toffee notes, this strong, dark lager’s nose of plum, figs, and biscuity malt is a beautiful complement to chef Tesar’s rack of lamb. The sweetness and spicyness of the malts in this Texas beer also highlight the caramelization created by the roasting process to achieve the perfect temperature in the meat and a flavorful crust on the exterior.

California Amber | 5.5% ABV
Ballast Point Brewing Co.
This Amber Ale was created with a traditional English ESB in mind, giving it a balanced flavor from four malts, fruity notes from the yeast, and brightness from American hops. A beer that won’t overpower the palate, its distinct bite and floral notes still allow the rack of lamb’s savory flavors to shine.