Ale of the Living Dead

by: Todd on 10-24-2001
When evil is after you and there's no where to run, what do you do? You whip out a bottle of Ale of the Living Dead from Magic Hat (Burlington, Vermont). This extremely limited beer is probably one of the most unique to have. Why?

First, it was brewed special for their "Night of the Living Dead" / 7th birthday party bash at the brewery (Oct 26, 2001).

Second, it's made with 80% Domestic pale malt, 15% Carared malt, 5% Melanoidin malt, organic horehound, raw garlic and organic rosemary. This beer contains no hops. Originally they had put extra garlic straight in the bottle, but found that it foamed too much.

Garlic! That's right, garlic. The aroma of this beer is nothing but pure, pungent, eye watering, raw garlic. There's also some distinct rosemary herb notes right behind the garlic. Taste, well is pretty much garlic, with a very strong herbal/rosemary character. Body is light. There's some malt character, some sweetness and there's also a strange, earthy, raw bitterness, but it's not a hop-like flavour, more grassy. Some more herbal notes too, ones foreign to most palates (maybe a result of the odd combination of ingredients?). Just mind your gag reflexes. This beer leaves a massive garlic aftertaste that will not go away. In fact, even the next morning my mouth was covered by the nastiest garlic mouth ever.

Stacey @ Magic Hat warned me about this brew. "Seasoned with garlic to ward off unwanted spirits. Try it if you dare!" reads the flyer. She suggested that I imagine baking bread, fondue or enjoying it with pizza. I can't imagine drinking this without food, especially after trying it.

Available in 22oz bomber bottles.
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