Bud Light Live ... not !!

by: Todd on 10-27-2001
Last Thurday night (10/25) at 8:17pm during a "Friends" episode, Bud Light Live aired a "live" commerical from Axis -- a club on Lansdowne St., Boston, MA.

Bud Light Live is a traveling production that films Bud Light commercials throughout the US, targeting a young demo. I had the horrible honor of being invited to the above mentioned event as a member of the press, and I have to tell you ... it was a joke. Everyone in the commercial were hand-picked extras, and the concert atmosphere was 100% fabricated. Did anyone notice the models on stage? How about the one with ridiculously huge fake breasts? All hired to get up on stage and shake their stuff in the name of Bud Light.

Sure, the sell-out band Entrain played "Make it a Bud Light" and everyone was dancing around with Bud Lights in their hands, but it was all fake! Not one of the open bottles had actual beer in it. In fact, there was no beer to be had as they were worried about the liability. A beer event without beer? I guess it was okay given the beer in question. Would I have actually wanted one myself? Hell no!

I should have known better to go. Oh, and exactly how many suits doing nothing can you have standing around with "production crew" passes? A-B seems to think the more the merrier. These corporate types swarming the set should have been the second clue, the first being that it was Bud Light.

Actually, I'm glad I got a chance to once again reinforce in my mind that A-B are all about marketing beer and not about beer.
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