How to Be a Beer Fest Pro

Beer Smack by | Jun 2011 | Issue #53

Beer fest season is in full swing, and since we just wrapped up hosting American Craft Beer Fest in Boston, we thought we’d share some beer fest survival tips that could mean the difference between having an epic time… and a “fail” time.

Staying in the Game
1. Hydrate and eat. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the fest, and make sure to eat, too. Not only will this lay a base, but it replenishes your system, makes you want to consume alcohol slower, and decelerates the absorption of alcohol. Just note that regardless of your intake of food and water, alcohol is still alcohol.

2. Drink in moderation. Appreciate and prolong the enjoyment of the beer offerings versus getting drunk in a few hours and possibly regretting it later. Seriously, there’s plenty of beer to be had, with plenty of time, so pace yourself. Drink for flavor, not just for impact or alcohol content.

3. Challenge your palate. Try something new. Not only will this help prevent palate fatigue and boredom, but it’ll open your mind and taste buds to new paths on your beer journey.

Beer Fest Line Etiquette
Believe it or not, you’re not the only person at the fest. Look around. There are thirsty people surrounding you. And if you follow these simple tips, you’ll go from an inconsiderate beer fest noob to a courteous veteran in three easy steps!

1. Get your sample, say thanks, and move so others can do the same.

2. If someone has to ask if you’re in line, and you’re not, you’re in the way. Move!

3. However, if you feel compelled to talk to a brewer or ask a question about a beer, and it’s going to take more than 5 seconds… please move to the side to geek out.

That’s it. Those are just some basic tips. Cheers to you, courteous beer fest pro.

Respect Beer.