Trying to Reason with Brewing Season

Innovation by | Apr 2012 | Issue #63

There’s no doubt about it: Beer has seasons. Many pro brewers and homebrewers alike have learned that lesson the hard way, putting a lot of love and toil into a beer that misses the mark because the temperatures changed during fermentation or it wasn’t given enough time to ferment and age.

To prevent the heartbreak of releasing a beer before its time or too late, Christian Lavender, of, created The Home Brewing Calendar. Designed to be a quick (and nice-looking) reference, the calendar displays the month that 44 specific beer styles should be brewed during, the average aging and fermenting times for the style and even the best month to drink it.

“Seasonal brewing is becoming extremely popular among craft brewers and homebrewers,” Lavender says, adding that it took him a month of polling other homebrewers to get all the details for the poster. “Just take a look at your local beer store, and you will notice that almost every major brewery has some iteration of a seasonal brew. … Every homebrew has its season too, the time of the year when you can enjoy it at its very best. The Home Brewing Calendar guides the homebrewer through what needs to be brewed, so they can enjoy the style when it is most appreciated.”

Wall calendars are available in a wide range of paper quality and size, with prices from $7 to upwards of $100, or for free as a PDF download at

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