BeerAdvocate Magazine, Now Available on Google Play

Beer Smack by | Aug 2012 | Issue #67

As we mentioned last issue, we’re aiming to offer a digital version of BA mag worldwide. Good news! US Android users can now subscribe via the Google Play Magazines app available in the Google Play Store. This is a complete PDF version, with optional text view, of the print version of BeerAdvocate magazine. Google Play Magazines is currently compatible with Android phones and 7- and 10-inch tablets, but word is Google has plans to offer it for iOS and desktop users too.

Subscribing is only $9.99 for 12 issues (one year), and includes a 14-day free trial. Unfortunately, subscribing is currently limited to US users only—however, Google states that they plan on expanding availability to international readers.

Also in the works …
Making all back-issues available for purchase.
Exploring interactive features that can be used in issues.
Exploring special, digital-only issues.
Exploring a print & digital bundle.

And for those of you who already subscribe to the print version of BA mag, please note that this is a completely separate product and service offered by a third party, but we’ll be exploring a print & digital bundle just for you down the road. The logistics, and fact that this is a brand new service from Google Play, simply doesn’t make it feasible at this time.

Please be gentle. This is a first for both Google and BeerAdvocate, and also our first attempt at a solution to meet the demands of those wishing to subscribe digitally.

Respect Beer.