Creating a Cooler Koozie

Innovation by | Oct 2012 | Issue #69

Ahh, the beer koozie. What started decades ago as a chubby chunk of Styrofoam designed to keep your beer cold and your hand warm has evolved into myriad of sleeves made from different material—neoprene, polyester or open-cell foam, to name a few—in just as many shapes and sizes. In fact, one might have mistakenly thought that the koozie had reached its design pinnacle. But BeerHugZ is out to prove there’s a whole new horizon for the koozie.

While they don’t look much like the original koozies, BeerHugZ are still built with the mission of keeping your bottle or can of beer cold and your hand warm. A thin layer of foam inside the BeerHugZ insulates the precious nectar inside, while a plastic overlay is ergonomically situated so the plastic meets where hands normally grasp a can or bottle, creating another layer between hand and beer.

BeerHugZ are tight fitting, with a slightly expandable cut-out design that springs back to form-fit whatever shape bottle or can is placed inside—preventing the BeerHugZ from falling off or tipping over from an improper fit. The sturdy, flat bottom not only deters tipping, but the slightly raised rim also creates a little bucket to catch spillage and sweat from cold bottles on muggy days.

The modern, geometric design comes in green, blue, orange and pink, making the BeerHugZ even easier to find in a crowd of common koozies. Get more info at