Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

Wares by | May 2007 | Issue #5

Did you know that your tongue, especially the back part, plays host to harmful bacteria that build up like scum residue and can result in bad breath, illness, and (even worse) impact how you taste beer? And guess what? This affects everyone, not just people with stank halitosis.

Of course, now you can do something about it quickly and on the cheap. Plus, your beer will taste better.

You’ve probably seen them on TV or in stores—those little plastic scrapers on the handles or backs of toothbrushes. In our opinion, these gadgets aren’t worth your dough. You want Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner. Not only is the stainless steel impervious to bacteria, it’s also easy to clean—simply rinse it with hot water. The device is adjustable with a simple squeeze, and is curved to fit your entire mouth. It’s durable (in case you’re a rough scraper) and sports thoughtful, non-slip rubber handles. The greatest advantage of Dr. Tung’s marvel of tongue-cleaning innovation is that, plain and simple, it’ll remove bacteria and that yucky coating on your tongue right from the get-go.

After using them for several months now, we can testify that they do indeed work; and we’ve been enjoying the upsides of cleaner, healthier mouths. When tasting beer, your palate is king, so why not treat it like one? Say ahhh…

[$7 at drtungs.com or at Whole Foods Market locations]