Support Your Local Brewery!

Advocate This by | May 2007 | Issue #5

Even though you might buy, drink, sell or brew beer, you can always do more for beer and your local craft brewer.

The Brewers Association—a national not-for-profit trade association for US craft brewers—is hoping to turn you into what they call “Beer Activists” (“BeerAdvocate” was obviously taken) through their new campaign: “Support Your Local Brewery,” a national, grassroots partnership of beer enthusiasts, professional trade associations and brewers dedicated to protecting and promoting the legislative and regulatory interests of small, traditional and independent craft breweries. Or, as they put it, “Our mission is to promote and protect American craft beer, American craft brewers and the community of brewing enthusiasts.”

The basic idea is that you sign up with your email, state and ZIP, and they’ll periodically call upon you with E-Action Alerts to encourage you to contact your legislative representatives if political evildoers threaten the livelihood of your local brewery. Their website also highlights issues to keep your eyes on, provides tips on how to effectively contact your state or federal legislators and supplies other ways that consumers and brewers can help support local beer culture.

For those of you leery of giving out your email, if you’re already a BeerAdvocate based in the US, we’ll do our part as official sponsors of the campaign to keep you posted on E-Action Alerts pertinent to your area. Outside of the US? Contact us ([email protected]) and we’ll assist you in finding the organization that’s right for you.

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