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Where to Drink in Columbus, Ohio Destinations by

It wasn’t long ago that the beer scene in Columbus was dominated by the local Anheuser-Busch brewery on the north side of the city. But while only two craft breweries in the city date back more than 20 years, Columbus is at the heart of the state’s current craft beer boom.

Akron, Ohio Destinations by

Slowly, but very surely, Akron is coming into its own as a beer town, with more establishments offering craft beers and Akron’s own breweries starting to emerge. It’s also worth noting—with appropriate irony—that Akron is the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Russian Imperial Stout: The Grandest of All Beer Styles? Style Profile by

Catherine the Great had a passion for the brownest, strongest Porter from London’s great Anchor brewery. It was this ale that would eventually evolve into possibly the grandest of all beer styles.

The People Have Spoken! Feature by

Over the past year, tens of thousands of members have been casting opinions on spending their hard-earned cash on their favorite (and not so favorite) beers, breweries and places to grab a brew. We bring you our annual “Best of BeerAdvocate”—the magazine edition.

Where to Drink in Houston, Texas Destinations by

Houston’s thirsty guests will find a thriving beer scene with multiple breweries, each with a distinct personality and guest experience. Five new breweries opened up over a three-month period in summer 2016 alone.

The Southern Brewing Company: There’s No Taste Like Home From the Source by

Known for its eclectic dining, music, and arts scene, Athens, Ga., gained its third brewery in May 2015 when Brian Roth opened The Southern Brewing Company to brew beer that “tastes like Athens.”

Brian Hunt of Moonlight Brewing Company Going Pro by

Since 1992, Brian Hunt’s little Santa Rosa brewery Moonlight Brewing Company has been churning out small batches of ales and lagers that are uniquely rooted in Northern California.

Voices for Change: Balancing the Needs of Diverse Members, Brewers Guilds Strive to be Inclusive and Effective Feature by

Brewers guilds must educate, protect and promote. It’s taken the craft brewing industry some 35 years to be able to produce 12 percent of the beer bought in America. No one accomplished that feat alone. There is strength in numbers.

Where to Drink in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Destinations by

Milwaukee owes its brewing heritage to beer barons like Miller, Pabst and Schlitz. And while Miller is still extremely popular, the big beers that were once working-class favorites have given way to a vibrant craft beer scene.

Alpine Beer Company From the Source by

Alpine Beer Company looks like you might imagine a small brewery in a small mountain town might look. The location is unassuming, snuggled in tight next to a quaint bookstore. The scenery is Southern California in all its glory. This was a dream location when McIlhenny opened it in 2002.

Class of 2012 Feature by

This year, nanobreweries proved they’re here to stay, while “gypsy” brewers continued to produce some of the best beer in the market. New breweries capitalized on the session beer movement. And in a saturated market, some plucky startups opened on the strength of a niche concept, like Bière de Champagne.

Portsmouth, N.H. & Kittery, Maine Destinations by

The Portsmouth Brewery and it sister brewery Smuttynose just a few miles away already made Portsmouth, N.H. a craft beer destination, but the scene has improved even more in the past few years. More adventurous tap lists also lie just across the river in Kittery, Maine.

Inciting the Hop Innovation by

While the general concept is similar to Randall the Enamel Animal, created by Dogfish Head, Peterson says the Hop Inciter 3000 is a completely different, well, animal.

Flagstaff, Arizona Destinations by

Visitors find a walkable college town with crisp, fresh air and a vibe that’s simultaneously urbane and outdoorsy—more hippie than yuppie. So it’s no surprise that Flagstaff is a big beer town, with a scene that’s still on the rise.

A Tale of Two Festivals Unfiltered by

As brewers at the GABF continue to experiment and push the definitions of beer and the boundaries of the drinking public, it’ll be interesting to see what results in the tug of war between the American and British brewing models in another 25 years.

Charlotte Destinations by

A couple decades of explosive expansion have left a tall, gleaming downtown, a few up-and-coming post-industrial warehouse districts, booming suburbs and a cultural infrastructure still growing into all that growth. Hence, most of the excellent local taps you’ll find in town come from out of town. That’s changing.

Double Witbier: More of Everything Style Profile by

Crisp, divinely flavored with coriander and orange peels, spicy and fruity. Typically made with unmalted wheat and perhaps oats, it is left unfiltered to produce a hazy, pale color with a billowing white cloud of foam.

New Orleans Destinations by

This place is a steaming melting pot of Spanish, French, African and Caribbean influences, a magnet for artists, musicians, misfits and criminals, a charmingly seedy town united by its distaste for authority and its mighty thirst.

Beer News News by

The end of cardboard beer coasters?; Atlantic Brewing acquires Bar Harbor Brewing; Kirin seeks to acquire Lion Nathan’s; Maine’s changing growler laws; A beery economic stimulus; Dogfish Head begins expansion process; and Red Stripe to can.

Out of the Bottle and Into the Pan Feature by

Chefs around the world are taking the concept of pairing the two a step further by treating beer as a core ingredient when cooking. The result is a growing culinary passion for cuisine that offers layers of depth that only beer can bring to the table.

American Brewers in the Land of the Midnight Sun Feature by

Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company joins a growing number of American brewers collaborating with Scandinavian beer brethren.

Boston! Destinations by

Since BeerAdvocate is taking you back to school this month, we might as well go whole hog and take a swing by Boston—a city that’s absolutely rotten with colleges and universities.

Brew U Feature by

Whether you’re a first-time brewer or a pro honing your chops, there’s always more to learn. Here’s how to go from the back of the bar to the head of the class, from a round-up of top brewing schools, to books for learning more about beer and some tips for becoming a better beer advocate.

Nine Great Beer Towns You Didn’t Know Were Great Beer Towns Feature by

Go beyond the mega-breweries and discover some lower-key destinations where beer is part and parcel of the local culture.