Author: Evan Benn

Evan Benn is the beer columnist and food critic for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, as well as Esquire magazine’s online beer columnist. Contact him at [email protected] or on Twitter, @EvanBenn.

Drinking Pains: Beer and Gout Beer and Health by

Beer has long been associated as a gout trigger due to its relatively high levels of purine, an organic compound that, among other functions, helps form the base of human DNA. Beer gets the bulk of its purine content from brewer’s yeast, which has about three times the purines as baker’s yeast.

Maintaining a Buzz: Craft Breweries Look to Social Media and PR Agencies to Spread the Word Feature by

As craft beer continues to gobble up Big Beer’s market share, small breweries are increasingly grappling with the question of whether to handle communications in-house or farm it out to an outside PR agency.

Going Global: Craft Brewers Expand to Foreign Shores Feature by

Craft exports currently represent about $73 million in yearly sales. And with newly announced trade partnerships in place, and more on the way in South America and Asia, the craft beer-export industry is poised for further growth.

Move Over, Margaritaville: In the Subtropics, South Florida’s Craft Beer Scene Emerges Feature by

Even with talented brewers like Funky Buddha and J. Wakefield cranking out creative, quality beers, it takes passionate consumers to make an area’s beer scene sing. And South Floridians are fully embracing the craft beer movement.

The Name Game: Trademark Disputes Bubble Over in Craft Beer Feature by

As the number of new breweries—and new beers—continues to surge, trademark disputes aren’t going away. They’re a part of doing business, even when the business is beer.

St. Louis, Missouri Destinations by

St. Louis has always been a beer city. In 1991, it started its transformation to a craft beer city. The metro area has added 10 new breweries since 2009; two dozen breweries now operate within a two-hour drive of downtown. Today, it’s one of the country’s top destinations for beer travelers.