Author: Jason & Todd Alström

Jason and Todd Alström are the founders and publishers of BeerAdvocate.

Taking a Beer Break Beer Smack by

It might sound silly or even sacrilegious to some, but the concept of taking a break from beer has been a frequently asked question in our forums since the late ’90s.

The Art of the Shower Beer Beer Smack by

Regardless of what you’ve heard or read in the past, there are only three things you need to know to master the art of the shower beer.

Overrated Is Overused Beer Smack by

In countless posts across the internet we see “overrated” used (and misused) as a default reference to beers and brewers, usually with no substance to back it up.

2017 Beer Resolutions Beer Smack by

It’s a fact: 2016 sucked for too many reasons, so let’s make 2017 an awesome year; at least beer-wise. Here are our tips to help achieve that goal.

10 Years of the Magazine Beer Smack by

Back in December 2006 the first copies of the inaugural issue of BeerAdvocate magazine shipped to thousands of founding subscribers around the globe. Today, we continue to publish award-winning content, each and every month, for those of you who enjoy professional coverage of beer and its culture in tangible form.

Coming in 2017: Extreme Beer Fest® Los Angeles Beer Smack by

The rumors are true. Extreme Beer Fest cometh to Los Angeles, Calif., on Saturday, December 9, 2017.

There Gose the Neighborhood Beer Smack by

While Gose’s triumphant return is most welcome, we’d love to see more brewers offering a traditional version, too.

Be an Intelligent Beer Consumer Beer Smack by

There are no more excuses for ignorance. We’re not talking about becoming an expert, but rather getting informed with the basics and understanding beer and the core brewing process.

Suffering Samplers Beer Smack by

Too many taprooms put too much focus into the sampler paddle, which is often more impressive than the beers themselves.

A World Without Whalez Beer Smack by

Far too many beer drinkers are obsessed with a handful of brewers who create hype. Don’t get sucked in, try this instead: Try something new or unfamiliar and then talk about it, because you’re definitely missing out otherwise.

No More Excuses Beer Smack by

There is now a plethora of companies and people who are more than willing to offer their services and resources to help nearly anyone succeed. But it’s apparent that far too many brewers aren’t utilizing them as the same issues that everyone has bitched about for years still persist.

Beware the Storysellers Beer Smack by

There’s a disturbing trend in beer journalism. In fact, unbeknownst to most readers, it’s lurked in the global beer scene for decades.

Stop Shelf Turds Beer Smack by

Brewers and their distributors need to stop saturating markets, brewers need to date stamp their packaged beers, stores need to get control of their inventory and consumers need to look for dates and buy accordingly.

Save These Dates! Beer Smack by

BeerAdvocate has hosted over 50 festivals since 2003. We also take pride in the fact that our fests offer attendees a chance to meet their favorite brewers and fellow beer advocates.

Do You Even Drainpour, Bro? Beer Smack by

If you don’t like a beer, don’t drink it. Life is too short and good beer is too plentiful. But do you really need to brag about your drainpour like a cretin?

Dear Hop Head Beer Smack by

An intervention letter from forgotten beer styles, imploring hop-addicted beer drinkers to change their ways.

What We Learned From 2015 Beer Smack by

Looking back on the industry in 2015, we’ve learned that no one cares if a brewery sells out, and now everything is “craft.”

The Beer Bubble Myth Beer Smack by

This Brewers Association predicted that the US will soon exceed the record of 4,131 breweries set in 1873. That’s a big number. And it’s sparked the whole “When will the beer bubble burst?” debate again. But let’s not forget: 1873 and 2015 are different times.

The Limits of Taste Beer Smack by

As it applies to reviewing beer, far too many people lack the attention span to read or write anything longer than a tweet. They react to clickbait headlines without reading, would rather tick beers and move on, and take as fact any information that’s delivered to them immediately in blurb or list format.

Are We Having Fun Yet? Beer Smack by

It’s our collective responsibility to create a better beer culture by challenging ourselves, having those hard discussions about our community, naming names and remaining open to constructive criticism.

“There’s more to beer than beer.” Beer Smack by

Brewers need to pay more attention to reviews and the long-term quality of their beers as they flow through the marketplace—the two are unarguably connected.

Long Live the Shaker Pint! Beer Smack by

We’d love to see more bars move to the British nonic pint, a 20-ounce container that leaves plenty of room for some proper head. Not only do they look cool, they’re inexpensive, versatile and nobody hates them yet.

The Gamification of Beer Beer Smack by

It’s Friday night. You order a beer at a bar, use an app to tick it on your list, snap a pic, broadcast it on social media, and then refresh to see how many people liked it. What happened to just ordering a beer and enjoying it with the people around you?

One Hundred Mags (Rule) Beer Smack by

Since we announced the launch of BeerAdvocate magazine in June 2006, we’ve been told that “print is dead” and that it was likely to fail. Admittedly, the mag has been hit with some challenges over the years, but we met them head on, learned from them, and 100 issues later, we’re still here.

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