Author: Lisa Morrison

Lisa Morrison is the Beer Goddess, who spins her beery words from Portland, OR.

Tag Your Brew Innovation by

A thin strip of copper imprinted with the name of a brewery, TagaBrew hangs as a charm from a 4-inch chain (for growlers) or 26-inch chain (for collecting and wearing the tags).

Turn Up the Hops Innovation by

Think of the packets as mini beer Randalls. Bobby Gattuso, who studied biology in college, invented Hop Theory beer sachets as a way to enhance beers and start conversations about different flavors in beer.

Is the Growler Getting Canned? Innovation by

Known for pioneering canned beer packaging, Oskar Blues was looking for a new way to push the aluminum container’s limits while solving some of the glass growler’s inherent downsides. They ended up with the Crowler.

Open Sesame Innovation by

The Magic Opener’s whimsical bottle shape, while fun at rest on a fridge, bike frame or counter top, is ergonomically designed with a rubberized grip to make every opening task gentle on your hands and easy to accomplish.

Hank the Beer Tank Innovation by

The first portable, electric kegerator on the market, this patent-pending invention holds 1/6 of a barrel or a 5 gallon homebrew keg of your favorite beer or other beverage, keeps it cold without the inevitable melting ice and dispenses it with a carbon dioxide cartridge.

Beer Bottle Gardens Innovation by

Paige Mattson is the creator of Sprout Bottle, a handcrafted, reclaimed beer bottle garden kit that she says she invented because of a growing interest in repurposing items that become garbage far too often.

Elevating Beer Innovation by

Those of us without a dedicated beer fridge are often faced with the puzzle of fitting our beer in with the rest of our food and drinks. Charlotte, N.C.-based design engineer Brian Conti designed a solution to that annoyance: the bottleLoft.

Sell Your Homebrew Recipe (Or Buy One) Innovation by

On one side, Kit Lab works like most online recipe forums. But there’s the added option to have precise ingredient amounts for recipes shipped to your door. And there are plans for both all-grain and extract versions so homebrewers of all levels can participate.

Cleaner, Greener Growlers Innovation by

While convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the increasingly popular growler can present problems to brewers and tap houses: No matter how incredible the beer, it’s ultimately influenced by what’s going on inside it.

Beers Take Flight Innovation by

The Craft Beer Flight Kit was inspired by Advent calendars Ryan Sauder and Steve Denlinger made for friends in 2013, which revealed a beer a day for the 24 days before Christmas.

How About a Beer Hug? Innovation by

These days, most beer fans have devised a personal method for traveling with beer in their checked luggage. But no matter how many socks you stuff your bottles into, there’s always the chance that a heartbreaking (and messy) breakage will occur. That’s what inspired two friends to invent the BrewHug.

Puzzling Out the Six-Pack Innovation by

Easily assembled without tools or glue by snapping the pieces together, the PuzzlePax also can be disassembled for flat storage, making it perfect for keeping in a car or messenger bag when heading to the local bottle shop.

Don’t Lose Your Head Innovation by

To maximize head’s aroma-enhancing qualities, a Japanese company created a product that allows beer lovers to reinvigorate the foam so each sip is as delicious as the first.

99 Problems Innovation by

A Portland, Ore.-based industrial designer turned his solution-driven mind to finding quick and easy fixes for the problem of removing a bottle cap without an opener. And now he has put his favorite findings in a book.

Let Them Drink Cake Innovation by

Like soups, sauces and bread, beer in cake is a classic combination—its flavor adds depth to many cake recipes. The dry cake mixes from PubCakes are designed to be simple enough for anyone to make their own beer-infused cake or batch of cupcakes.

Brew Pad Innovation by

Keeping track of those last-minute homebrew recipe changes can be tricky. Often they are jotted down on a piece of scrap paper, at risk of being forgotten, misplaced or lost.

GrOpen Your Beer Innovation by

Proudly designed and manufactured in Colorado, GrOpener (grab + opener) is a new magnetized tool that allows you to open any capped bottle single-handedly in a simple motion.

NitroBrew Innovation by

NitroBrew is an on-site device that turns any style of beer—from Stouts to Pilsners—into a nitrogenated brew within moments, giving it the rich, creamy head and silky mouthfeel of a beer poured right off a nitro tap.

Keeping Tabs on Your Taps Innovation by

As anybody with a kegerator knows, the impromptu parties always happen where the beers are. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your taps. Kegbot is a software and hardware one-two punch that keeps track of how much beer has been poured out of a keg, so you know when to replace it.

BeerBug: A Nanny for Homebrew Innovation by

Through a device and cloud-based platform known as Electric Imp, BeerBug wirelessly transmits the status of your beer, cider or wine’s fermentation progress to a cloud, which you can then tap into and track on your smartphone or through the BeerBug’s website.

BottleKeeper Innovation by

The idea for BottleKeeper came when two cousins improvised a solution to keep a beer bottle cold and protected on the beach: a beer bottle inside a koozie, then inside a stainless steel water bottle for extra insulation.

CapSnap Innovation by

CapSnap is a free smartphone app that helps beer drinkers keep tabs on the beers they drink with personal ratings and other details via a collection of bottle caps created by the user for each beer. It’s a lot like Pinterest for beer lovers.

MobCraft Innovation by

MobCraft works like this: Homebrewers submit their recipes, users vote on the top four recipes, and the winning recipe becomes a beer that’s shared with members.

Pretentious Beer Glasses Innovation by

Need something that promises to take your beer drinking devotion to a whole new level? That’s the idea behind the Pretentious Beer Glass Co., a Kentucky-based company that offers several handcrafted beer glasses in different shapes for different styles of beer.