Author: Lisa Morrison

Lisa Morrison is the Beer Goddess, who spins her beery words from Portland, OR.

Countertop Brewing Innovation by

Just a bit bigger than a microwave oven, PicoBrew is designed to fit under your kitchen cabinets and promises to crank out pro-brewery-quality beer with minimal effort.

Dream Machine Innovation by

Dubbed “the ultimate party machine,” the Kegerator Pro 60 is an old-fashioned arcade system with a bunch of new twists: It also has a built-in refrigerator, three taps and a 60-inch LED HD screen.

The Big (and Fast) Chill Innovation by

The Beerouette is a self-contained device that connects to a beer (or soda) can and spins it in an icy bath. The Chill Bit attaches to a bottle or can and uses the power of a drill to do the spinning.

Mobile Canning Innovation by

For many breweries, canning is easier said than done. Much like a mobile bottling line, mobile canning lines provide all the necessary equipment, supplies and know-how, so brewers can focus on what they do best: brewing.

Save The Growlers! Innovation by

The Growler Saver is a patent-pending cap that fits most traditional growlers and ensures a draft-like beer pour, even after breaking the original seal.

Taking Shower Beers to a Whole New Level Innovation by

The things that make a shower beer so great are also the things that can turn it into a disaster: warmth, water and cramped, slippery surfaces. That’s why Phil Novara and Zach Walsh invented the Shakoolie—an insulated beer holder that safely sticks on a shower wall.

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer Innovation by

The real beauty in this beast is the other half of the dual-purpose device. Flip the Hermetus over, and the rubbery panel creates a seal so unyielding, you can even turn the bottle on its side and it doesn’t leak.

Smartphones Can Actually Contribute to Safe Driving Innovation by

Ah, smartphones. They are pretty darn clever. But, if they were truly intelligent, they would tell you when you’ve enjoyed too many beers.

The Color of Beer Innovation by

Beertone is literally, the Pantone of beer—Pantone being the self-described worldwide standard language for color communication. What Pantone does for color on everything from coffee cups to clothes, Beertone does for beer color.

Only You Can Prevent Homeless Kegs Innovation by

Missing cooperage is no laughing matter. According to the Brewers Association, each lost keg costs brewers between $0.46 and $1.37 per barrel of annual keg production.

Relief from Pitchers Innovation by

These days, there are a number of different ways to serve beer to the masses without having to pass a pitcher around the table.

Keep It Clean Innovation by

With soap varieties like Surly Furious with Amarillo hops, Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison with orange peel and Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout with crushed oats and Sumatra coffee beans, the term “shower beer” might just take on a whole new meaning.

Multitasking Your Beer Innovation by

A homebrewer with a mechanical mind, creator Bruce Sanchez invented The Infusionator, a dry-hop infuser and counter-pressure bottle filler.

BREW-K: When Flowers Won’t Do Innovation by

Beer is, of course, a great gift. But sometimes a six-pack with a bow stuck on top just doesn’t say enough. By giving beer in a special BREW-K package, you convey to the recipient that you went over and above in your beer giving.

Creating a Cooler Koozie Innovation by

While they don’t look much like the original koozies, BeerHugZ are still built with the mission of keeping your bottle or can of beer cold and your hand warm.

Keg Clips Keep it Together Innovation by

Keg Clips are simple pieces of plastic that join kegs together to create a sturdier, more stable pallet for storage and shipping; seven of them can secure one pallet of half-barrel kegs.

Beer in a Box Innovation by

ONCEMADE is a quarterly collaboration pairing two single-batch beers from Bay State brewers.

Stack-Cup Me Up! Innovation by

A concert-going mishap inspired the invention of the Stack-Cup, a durable, injection-molded, food-grade polypropylene beer container that’s commercial dishwasher and freezer safe.

On the Nose Innovation by

With its distinctive shape, the Offero line of glassware makes it easy to capture the aromas of beer while also making a statement at any table or place setting.

Brewbicle: Smart Beer Cellaring Innovation by

If your beer cellar looks more like a disaster area, the Brewbicle might be just for you. Made of sturdy fiberboard, with leather handles and aluminum hardware, the Brewbicle provides a secure, stackable and attractive way to age your beer.

Trying to Reason with Brewing Season Innovation by

Many brewers put a lot into a beer that misses the mark because the temperatures changed during fermentation or it wasn’t given enough time to ferment and age. To prevent the heartbreak of releasing a beer before its time or too late, Christian Lavender created The Home Brewing Calendar.

Inciting the Hop Innovation by

While the general concept is similar to Randall the Enamel Animal, created by Dogfish Head, Peterson says the Hop Inciter 3000 is a completely different, well, animal.

Hold Everything! Innovation by

Both bottle carrier designs allow you to walk into your favorite bottle shop, brewery or tap house with a sturdy, reusable holder, so you can bring your beers home or to any event in classic style and without worrying about them dropping out of flimsy cardboard cartons.

Grand Openings Innovation by

I hate asking for something I don’t have. So items that multitask are golden. And like any beer geek worth her beer, the one thing I always like to have on hand is a bottle opener.