Author: Lissa Harris

Lissa Harris lives, writes and drinks her share of beer in Boston.

Foster’s: Australian for Electricity? Innovation by

Researchers from the University of Queensland announced a pilot project to get electricity out of wastewater from the Foster’s brewery near Brisbane.

Free Beer Innovation by

Brewers look to open source software for inspiration in creating shared beer recipes. Of course, homebrew may already be the ultimate “free beer.”

Beer Inventions Innovation by

A jaunt through the archives of the US Patent and Trade Office reveals thousands of beer-related processes, recipes, devices, widgets, gewgaws and other various and sundry inventions.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, a Belgian bottle shortage to organic hops and beer on the Hill.

Don’t Fear the Green Beer Innovation by

The biggest obstacle for organic brewers remains the oft-unreliable sourcing of ingredients.

The Cooper Cooler Innovation by

A refrigerator makes a lousy rapid-cooling device, and it has only one setting: freaking cold.

Beer Without Barley? Innovation by

Spurred by better awareness and diagnosis of the disease, interest in gluten-free and low-gluten beers among brewers has grown dramatically. But how do they taste?