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Hashing It Out: A New Hop Supercharger for Homebrewers BYOB by

Brewing a Pale Ale with Idaho 7 “hop hash,” a hop supercharger added in the kettle or whirlpool for more potent hop character with less muddiness.

A Hazy Shade of Winter: Homebrewing a Belgian-Style Session Ale BYOB by

Session beers aren’t limited to British styles—Grisette, the lesser-brewed cousin of Belgian Saison, is a refreshing thirst quencher at just 4 percent ABV.

Preparing for Lawn Season: Brewing a Pre-Prohibition-Style Cream Ale BYOB by

Take advantage of winter’s low ambient temps by brewing a pre-Prohibition Cream Ale in preparation for the lawn-mowing days to come.

A Mostly True Story: Homebrewing Wood Chipper Irish Red Ale BYOB by

A trip to Fargo, N.D., rekindles a love for malt-forward beers and inspires Wood Chipper Irish Red Ale, with an addition of roasted barley for a subtle color boost.

California’s Double Brown Hustle BYOB by

This big, dank Double Brown Ale recipe commemorates California Governor Jerry Brown, who has signed four homebrew bills into law.

Winter is Coming BYOB by

For a boozy Winter Warmer that’s ready to drink in time for the coldest weather, brew this “Old Burtonish Ale” now.

Bring All the Brewers to the Yard BYOB by

Inspired by a professional collaboration, this Strawberry Milkshake IPA recipe uses fruity Citra and Mosaic hops, white wheat malt, oats, lactose, and strawberry puree.

Sour on Extract BYOB by

Squeeze the most out of your brew day with this tasty sour, made with malt extract, Magnum hop pellets, and leftover hot liquor tank water.

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Lager BYOB by

Give a flavorful twist to a simple lager recipe from the “Barrel Master” at Eagle Rock Brewery by toasting your own Pilsner malt.

Extract This: The Secret to Bitterness Without Muddiness BYOB by

To achieve peak bitterness without green muddiness, this Pliny the Elder clone calls for multiple doses of hop extract.

Dance the Can-Can: Canning a Homebrewed Saison BYOB by

A Saison recipe inspired by figolla, a Maltese Easter cookie made with almond paste, orange and lemon.

My Own Oaty Idaho: Brewing a 007 Golden Hop Pale Ale BYOB by

A Pale Ale recipe with oats emphasizes the spicy pear and stone fruit aromas of 007 Golden, a new Idaho hop variety.

Controlling Wild Fire BYOB by

Follow this souring schedule to mimic the natural order of critters in a traditional Belgian Lambic. In a year or three, you’ll have an amazing beer that you’ll be both proud and jealously protective of.

Nectar of the Gods BYOB by

A Witbier recipe with pomegranate juice, inspired by the fruit’s place in Greek mythology and February’s ubiquitous pink color scheme.

Cosmic Fluff BYOB by

A homebrew with lactose, powdered peanut butter and vanilla extract evokes the childhood memory of peanut butter-and-marshmallow fluff sandwiches.

The Death of an Interestingly Potable Ale BYOB by

The beer consuming public wants us to turn everything into an IPA. I love a good IPA, but we’ve hit a point where if a beer isn’t an IPA, regular folks just don’t buy it.

Smoke on the Oder BYOB by

Grodziskie was a small, sessionable oak-smoked wheat beer produced from the 1300s to the 1990s near the river Oder. Today, it’s surrounded by debate: Was it sour? What sort of yeast did it use? What is the beer supposed to taste like?

Playing the Percentages BYOB by

To divorce recipe amounts from purely physical measures, think of grain as a percentage of the total grain bill. Combined with the target gravity you can use a little math to re-create a recipe that’s theoretically independent of system efficiency and volume.

A Viking Meets the Sumerians BYOB by

Mark Schoppe of the Viking-helmed Austin ZEALOTS just grabbed his second Ninkasi Award at this year’s American Homebrewers Association competition. This sour smoked German ale, a Lichtenhainer, was one of them.

Taking Control of Quality BYOB by

Every homebrewer acts as the hobby’s vanguard. Everyone you serve beer to is a possible convert to the hobby and the larger world of good beer. We’ve all made them, but why don’t we stop serving bad beers?

Brewing with a Tropical Flair BYOB by

This month’s recipe is all about reliving a Brazilian journey—a little bit German, a little bit tropical and a lot of fun for the heat and humidity.

Dry and Sour BYOB by

In ye olden days, the drying process consistently contaminated yeast with Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. This was considered a very bad thing. With modern processing improvements, it’s not the case anymore, hence the explosion of dried yeast choices.

Celebrate with Cake BYOB by

Cake is a mixture of wheat flour, sugar, flavorings, eggs and butter. The last two ingredients contain copious fats that make it a complicated beer additive. Yet to brew a true chocolate cake beer, one must have chocolate cake.

Lager Experimentation BYOB by

Why aren’t brewers playing with lagers like they do ales? For one thing, lagers are more difficult to homebrew due to the extra refrigeration requirements. Lager yeasts also leave a crisper, more delicate edge that makes it tricky to lay another flavor down without overwhelming the beer.

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