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A Flavorful History, Served by the Glass: The Enduring Appeal of Mole Beer Feature by

Inspired by the traditional south central Mexican sauce, which can contain up to 20 different ingredients, brewers across the country are putting their own unique spins on mole-inspired beers—and the public can’t get enough.

The Chef in the Brewhouse: More Breweries Add Upscale Menus and Sit-Down Dining Feature by

Goodbye boring pub grub. As the role of the brewery has evolved over the last decade, so has the relationship between the beer being brewed and the food being served.

Ordinary, Best and Extra Special: How English Bitter Inspired a Revolution in Brewing Feature by

Bitter is what overseas observers have in mind when they dismiss British beer as “warm and flat.” This is a shame not only because the subtleties of Bitter can be a delight, but also because craft brewing as we know it was built on its back.

Dry Spell: Brewers Are Dry-Hopping Sour Beer to Create Tart Refreshers with IPA Aromatics Feature by

Today, lemony Berliner Weisses and salty-sour Goses are the rage, while new hop varieties and brewing techniques allow bitter, aromatic IPAs to dominate tap lists and beer fridges. Given the speeding popularity of both categories, it was merely a matter of time before sour met hoppy in a head-on collision.

Another Place at the Table: As Top Restaurants Embrace Seasonal Ingredients and Local Cuisine, Can Beer Hold Its Own with Wine? Feature by

Despite the growth of craft brewing and an increasingly discerning audience of beer drinkers, well-developed beer programs at lauded fine dining restaurants remain somewhat rare.

Liquid Cornucopia: Brewers Turn to the Garden for Ingredients and Inspiration Feature by

Once primarily restricted to the pumpkin ales stacked high in supermarket aisles every fall, beers brewed with vegetables have become more widespread—and more adventurous.

Bittersweet Symphony: How Beer Is Informing Today’s Generation of Cider Makers Feature by

As with beer, craft cider is aiming for people with more sophisticated palates. And one of the first things modern cider makers have done is dry the palate out. To lure beer drinkers, cider makers in the Pacific Northwest started adding hops.

Coffee, Beer Chaser: Roasters Gain Ideas, Inspiration From Brewers Feature by

Across the country, craft breweries have coffee specialists going far beyond mere coffee-beer collaborations. Taking notes from beer, coffee shops hope to increase conversation and connectivity between the parallel crafts, opening both to new customers and ideas.

Eastern Promise: After Years in the Shadows, the Balanced, Aromatic East Coast IPA Makes a Comeback Feature by

A decade ago, typecasting IPAs was easy. And as of 2014, the mild-mannered East Coast IPA was old news, a relic of an earlier era of craft brewing. But a funny thing happened on the style’s trip to the graveyard.

Distilling Like a Brewer Feature by

Distilling isn’t a huge leap from brewing. Today, out of the roughly 235 craft distilleries in America, 18 are operated by craft breweries, and that number is expected to rise as these once-mutually exclusive industries slowly recognize just how much they have in common.

Beer Cocktails Feature by

As innovations in craft beer yield new styles and ever-more complex flavor profiles, the most creative mixologists in the country have added beer to their palette, and the results are packed with inimitable flavors and textures.

The People Have Spoken Feature by

May these lists enhance your beer experience by challenging you to always seek out the good stuff and review along the way. Cheers!

Beer Chefs Feature by

Let’s stow the mashstaffs for an issue and drop a respectful nod to those who are dedicated to the knife and board.

Beer in Review: 2009 Feature by

This year’s “Beer in Review” was pulled from over one million BeerAdvocate member reviews of tens of thousands of listings to collectively acknowledge some of the best brewers, beers and places to have a pint in the world.

Cows Don’t Eat Grapes Feature by

Across the country and across the ocean, several specialty cheesemakers and world-class breweries have teamed up to use beer as an ingredient in their finished fromage.

The People Have Spoken! Feature by

Over the past year, tens of thousands of members have been casting opinions on spending their hard-earned cash on their favorite (and not so favorite) beers, breweries and places to grab a brew. We bring you our annual “Best of BeerAdvocate”—the magazine edition.

Tailgate! Feature by

For some, tailgating is a chance to catch up with old friends, show off homebrew and try new beers. For others, it’s a party to celebrate the return of football season and a perfect excuse to drink a locally brewed favorite.

Out of the Bottle and Into the Pan Feature by

Chefs around the world are taking the concept of pairing the two a step further by treating beer as a core ingredient when cooking. The result is a growing culinary passion for cuisine that offers layers of depth that only beer can bring to the table.

BeerAdvocate’s Beer in Review Feature by

Tens of thousands of beers were tasted and thousands of places were put to the beer geek test for our largest beer in review ever. Who’s the best of the best? The results are in.

Beer: It’s What’s for Dinner Feature by

The notion of cooking with beer has certainly overcome taboo, but it has yet to completely trounce its reputation as being unfit for food. Five of the country’s best beer chefs share their recipes.

Heresy: A Guide to Beer Cocktails, from College-grade Concoctions to Drinks Worthy of the Most Dignified Beer Buff Feature by

These cocktails can take several forms. There are the droppers, in which shot glasses of various hard alcohols are physically dropped into pints of beer; the substitutions, in which beer is swapped in for the traditional spirit; and the original, unique concoctions.

Quit Your Wining: How The Brewmaster’s Table Got Great Restaurants to Start Selling Great Beer Feature by

Why is beer suddenly grabbing the attention of chefs and bar managers at the hoitiest and toitiest places in the nation, after being relegated to second-class status for so long? There are a lot of intangible reasons, but there’s a more tangible one as well: Garrett Oliver’s The Brewmaster’s Table.