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Umami Monster and Mecha-Hop by Garage Project Label Approval by

Of all the ingredients an experimental brewer can challenge palates with, processed extracts could be the most risky. But in the comic-book universe that Garage Project created, Mecha-Hop, an “Industrial Process Ale,” was designed as the opposite of an organic brew: Umami Monster.

Chiberian Warmer by Arcade Brewery Label Approval by

For Arcade Brewery’s quarterly Public Brew series, the community creates the name and label design for a seasonal beer.

Ghost Pigeon Porter by New England Brewing Label Approval by

Though straightforward, the Ghost Pigeon Porter label’s humor lies in the details. Take the eyes—too small or large, and they weren’t funny.

Apex Predator by Off Color Brewing Label Approval by

Apex Predator—and every Off Color label—is black and white. But what may seem simplistic—a pen-and-ink drawing that started as a Sharpie sketch on a bar napkin—is, of course, not so much.

Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Reuben’s Brews Label Approval by

Imperial Pumpkin Ale mixes it up as one of the brewery’s first labels featuring art. A nod to Tim Burton and the spirit of Halloween, the “foggy autumn night sky at a pumpkin patch” is a departure from the minimalist look of other Reuben’s Brews labels.

Alter Ego Saison by Smartmouth Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Smartmouth has a way of winning people over to the nerdy side. From the metabolic flows of fermentation to the yeast pitch rate formula, the cans become a resource for people to study while they drink.

Strutter by Bitter Old Fecker Rustic Ales Label Approval by

Artist Keith Neltner’s rendition of a real-life rooster who once “ruled” the farm owned by Cecil Fecker, Nathan Hukill’s grandfather, was designed to wrap the brewery’s first release, an Imperial IPA brewed with nine hop varieties, five malts and a botanical blend.

Forest Dweller Pale Ale by Crooked Fence Brewing Co. Label Approval by

The name “Forest Dweller” could inspire all sorts of imagery. Leave it to Crooked Fence to come up with a primitive-looking woman riding a bear with lightning bolts coming out of its mouth.

Burning River Pale Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Referencing the infamous Cuyahoga River fire of 1969, the revamped image for Burning River Pale Ale took inspiration from recycled materials to help symbolize Burning River’s environmental message, and incorporates newspaper clippings from the fire and text from the 1972 Clean Water Act.

Alternate Side by Third Rail Label Approval by

Most breweries don’t release their first packaged beer with a label depicting their hometown getting sucked into a void of nothingness. In the image, a classic New York street corner—historic brownstone, sign-studded street lamp and all—is flying into a vacuum.

Hop, Drop ‘N Roll by NoDa Brewing Company Label Approval by

Hop, Drop ‘N Roll’s minimalist can design tells you what to expect from that first sip. The touch of yellow alludes to citrus, and the sleek classic car suggests a smooth body. That subtle artistry sets NoDa’s cans apart, and also reflects the brewery’s origins in the bohemian enclave of NoDa, in Charlotte, N.C.

Ghost Face Killah by Twisted Pine Label Approval by

All of that Scoville imagery on the label serves as a semi-serious warning of the insane heat level in Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killah, the world’s spiciest beer.

Brotherhood Steam Beer by Anchor Brewing Co. Label Approval by

If you’re a fan of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the blues-rock band formed by Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, you know that Anchor’s Brotherhood Steam Beer can is a new experience for Captain Nebula, the “intrepid interspace gnome” who appears on CRB artwork.

35K Milk Stout by Against the Grain Label Approval by

Against the Grain’s labels have been offending some and delighting others since the Louisville, Ky., brewpub opened in 2011.

Rocket Science IPA by Fullsteam Brewery Label Approval by

For anyone familiar with craft beer brands, the name Fullsteam instantly conjures a visual of the brewery’s logo, the chunky font with that enigmatic backwards “F.”

分桃 (“Fen táo”) by Jester King Label Approval by

For Jester King’s “creative czar” Josh Cockrell, it started with the peach, the base of the beer. When he learned that peaches originated in China, he dug into the country’s folklore and discovered the tale of “The Shared Peach.” A man shares a peach with his same-sex lover, wanting him to share in its beauty.

2013 Illustration Ale by East End Brewing Company Label Approval by

How a label that one East End employee described as “SpongeBob on acid” made it past the feds seems to stump everyone involved in Illustration Ale, a beer created to to showcase local artists and benefit the ToonSeum, a museum of cartoon arts in Pittsburgh.

Sawtooth Ale by Left Hand Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Among Longmont, Colo.’s Front Range mountains is Sawtooth Mountain, the namesake of Left Hand’s flagship brew, an American-style ESB.

Belle Royale by Driftwood Brewery Label Approval by

Mad Bruin, Lustrum and, of course, Belle Royale Sour Cherry Wild Ale, are just a few of Driftwood’s sour labels featuring some fierce fliers inked by artist Margaret Hanson. The latter was designed to pay homage to the Parisian artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

B/A/Y/S Russian Imperial Stout by Adroit Theory Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Adroit Theory’s aesthetic leans dark—think a little bit of goth, a little bit of motorcycle club and a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll. You can see it in the label of its first beer, B/A/Y/S.

StickyFat American Dark Ale by Half Acre Beer Co. Label Approval by

No Half Acre label looks quite like another. In the story of the StickyFat bear, the slightly dopey, lethargic beast waits for the season’s hops to swell with their sweet, sticky oils, before he plods in and eats his fill.

Vernal Minthe Stout by Ska Brewing Company Label Approval by

Lana Lovibond, the blond heroine of the comic book that Ska Brewing Company created when it launched 19 years ago, stars in the Vernal Minthe can design, appearing as the Greek goddess Persephone.

Birra Farmhouse Ale by Prairie Artisan Ales Label Approval by

This playful, hand-drawn world is one of dozens that label artist Colin has created for Prairie Artisan Ales, a young Oklahoman brewery with a prolific and highly acclaimed lineup.

Southern Drawl by Great Raft Brewing Label Approval by

When Lindsay and Andrew Nations were building the look of their Shreveport, La., brewery, Great Raft, they didn’t have to look much further than the art hanging on their own walls for inspiration: the hand-drawn, lithographic style in the music posters created by Tennessee artist Justin Helton.