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Over the Rainbow? Why Queer Beer Is Important Advocate This by

It can’t be understated how important it is for the queer community to see themselves represented out in the world.

Crushing Lager Myths with Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson Advocate This by

More and more independent brewers are getting into lager brewing, but plenty of misinformation still exists. We asked Firestone Walker brewmaster Matt Brynildson to help us dispel five common myths.

5 Tips to Review Beer Respectfully Advocate This by

To ensure you critique brews with respect, try following these guidelines.

Local Beer Week! Advocate This by

Let’s challenge ourselves by actually being exclusionary for one week a year.

Support Craft Beer in Cans Advocate This by

Canning is something worthy of our collective support.

Brewing Big for National Homebrew Day Advocate This by

The Big Brew occurs on the first Saturday of May as a pre-celebration of National Homebrew Day and of homebrewing around the world.

What Have You Done for Beer Lately? Advocate This by

Many beer geeks can answer that they’ve purchased craft brews and attended events; however, it’s easy to get complacent. We can always do more, especially for our local beer scenes, which often get overlooked in our quests for the latest brews.

Pints for Prostates Advocate This by

Rick Lyke urges readers to get a PSA test and help spread awareness of prostate cancer.

National “Packaged On Date” Standard Advocate This by

Would you buy dairy or meat that was past its prime? We’re guessing not, but you are when it comes to beer, and even worse, you don’t even know it.

Spend Your Tax Return Locally Advocate This by

It’s essential that we help stimulate our local beer scenes with some good old-fashioned cold hard cash. This year we’re urging everyone to spend all, or a portion of, your tax rebate on your local beer scene.

Vermont Brewers Push to Pop Their Cap Advocate This by

Recently, brewers in Vermont are making what’s hopefully a final push to raise the bar for better beer options and sales in their state, and many feel that it’s about damn time.

Karma by the Keg Advocate This by

Event organizers across the US ask for donations from craft brewers who support charity events, festivals, dinners, tastings, tourism and more. Are “thanks” enough reward?

Stop Buying Westvleteren! Advocate This by

The Bros urge consumers to ignore the hype and only buy Westvletern beers if they make the pilgrimage to Belgium.

Question Quality Advocate This by

Beer is a fragile product and should be treated like any other perishable food item. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than losing $10 on a 6-pack of stale IPA.

Be Social. Drink Beer. Advocate This by

When we indulge with moderation and respect, beer allows us to loosen up. Forget politics, religion, and sports—let’s drink beer!

Alex Hall: Gotham’s Imbiber Advocate This by

In Brooklyn, NY, one man towers over other proponents of real ale.

Six-Packs for Soldiers Advocate This by

Six Packs for Soldiers is a “beer-partisan” campaign with a single goal: Buy America’s soldiers a beer.

Mississippians for Economic and Beverage Advancement Advocate This by

BeerAdvocates and Mississippians are taking action by fighting for their right to obtain better beer options.

Texas House Bill 1926 Advocate This by

In Texas, brewpubs can serve beer, but they can’t package and sell it; so you can forget about picking up a growler to take home from your favorite Texan alehouse.

Support Your Local Brewery! Advocate This by

Even though you might buy, drink, sell or brew beer, you can always do more for beer and your local craft brewer.

Free the Hops in Alabama Advocate This by

’Bama’s not only one of four states in the US that still has an alcohol-content cap on beer, but it’s also the only state with a beer-container limit.