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Names and Labels Unfiltered by

Why it’s time to give up on a meaningless phrase and accept a growing truth: craft beer is just beer.

The Dark Side Unfiltered by

From Reddit threads to in-person auctions, the increasing commodification of rare beer is something to celebrate and fear. The long heralded accessibility of beer remains one of its most favorable traits.

The Wait Unfiltered by

While nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, standing in line for beer is too often about following the masses rather than one’s own palate—or curiosity.

Dizzying Prospects Unfiltered by

Many craft breweries are cults of personality. But when these icons eventually fade, we’re left with the next generation to think about, as the brewery must go on. Craft brewing has always been a business.

Bella Birra Unfiltered by

While trepidation for the undermining of long treasured beer heritages remains understandable, in countries with little in the way of a native or historic beer culture, the change of pace and perspective brought by an interest in American-style craft brewing is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Hop Creep Unfiltered by

The Age of IPA has signaled an end of creativity and experimentation. Based around a handful of hot, new hoppy styles with similar characteristics, we’re in a time of creeping homogeneity.

Reconsidering Cans Unfiltered by

Cans are now instinctively what I reach for when I’m buying beer in the store, much to my own surprise. In fact, I expect to keep passing over glass bottles, bombers and growlers for many years to come.

Full Disclosure Unfiltered by

As craft brewing matures, the quality of the reportage on all things beer should rise to match it. Quality writers are a crucial component in helping craft brewing grow in stature and seriousness in the public’s eye.

All the News That’s Fit to Tweet Unfiltered by

While the internet has given beer lovers access to information and communication avenues that we could never have imagined decades ago, the value of many social media options to breweries is harder to gauge.

Late Breaking Unfiltered by

Craft breweries have long had a contentious relationship with the media. Fighting an uphill battle against a well-entrenched public view that all beer looked and tasted the same, new small brewers knew the importance of changing the conversation about beer.

What’s Next? Unfiltered by

Amid the introduction of hundreds and thousands of new brewers—some small, some unbelievably large—we are witnessing a massive changing of the guard. America’s oldest breweries face a host of challenges ranging from demographics to succession.

Watch Your Language Unfiltered by

Largely the province of beer marketing companies in the past, today’s contract brewers take myriad forms, and with the vast expansion of craft breweries comes new creative opportunities. It’s time to rethink our once strong dislike of contract or guest brewing.

Mapping Beer’s Future Unfiltered by

Instead of targeting a seemingly endless stream of macro tap handles, as they once could, craft brewers find themselves reluctantly attacking the established marketplace achievements of their so-called craft beer brethren.

Resurrecting Lager Unfiltered by

Considering the substantial resources and opportunities provided by the sales juggernaut that is IPA, it’s time to redirect some of those resources to a noble and long-ignored end: the resurrection of American lager beer.

Memory Lane Unfiltered by

Revisiting the original sources of your passion for beer provides a rare and valuable opportunity for reflection, introspection and self-examination.

Losing Focus Unfiltered by

Assembling chaotic beer lists is not a sign of higher craft beer consciousness, it’s giving in to the basest instinct to constantly grasp for the new, the unknown, the next big thing.

Beer Burnout Unfiltered by

A lot of beer burnout these days stems from our near incessant need to seek out the new, the exciting, the fresh and undiscovered in beer. As with adult relationships, this pattern of promiscuity ultimately leads to an inability to forge a real, lasting connection with a single, satisfying brand.

First Among Equals Unfiltered by

While it’s a testament to the evolution of craft brewing that many new brewers believe themselves capable of making the world’s best beer, the likelihood that they will make good beer, let alone world-class beer, in their earliest efforts is exceedingly low.

On Top of the World Unfiltered by

With more than 3,000 American breweries now in operation, selecting world-class beers from the tens of thousands of available brands is an almost impossibly laughable task.

On Roman Time Unfiltered by

The Julian system is but one of many tricks that craft brewers employ to confuse unsuspecting consumers into buying old and often lifeless beer. Lacking in simple clarity, it requires customers to come equipped with additional computational skills just to find a relatively fresh bottle.

Beyond the IPA Unfiltered by

Once seen as the ultimate expression of beer geekery, India Pale Ales have been at the vanguard of a communal palate shift, resulting in the wholesale embrace of all things hop.

Resisting the Novelty of Newness Unfiltered by

At a time when our beer culture is increasingly dominated by consumer proclivities toward promiscuity, the watchword is more. But when the industry chases new beers in the absence of the smart curation, the resulting expansion of bottle and tap selections leads to bloat and a lot of stale beer.

A New Look For Craft Beer Unfiltered by

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow, its design approach should become more focused, allowing it to explore new audiences and markets. While I’m not suggesting the industry lose its sense of fun, it is perhaps time that the design equivalent of fart jokes steps aside for a more thoughtful sensibility.

Explore the Wide World of Beer Unfiltered by

The ease of attaining and enjoying many of the world’s greatest beers today stands in stark contrast to a time when beer lovers had to travel far and wide to get a sip of a long-coveted beer.