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Drinking Beer at the End of the World: Part 2 of Tim Webb’s Odyssey to an Unknown Beer Land Feature by

Big lager brands may be shiny and reliable, but they are not exactly fun, so dreamers, misfits and visionaries stepped up to start making beers for the more discerning drinker. Twenty years later, Argentina’s craft beers are its best-kept secret.

To Patagonia & Back Again: Part 1 of Tim Webb’s Odyssey to an Unknown Beer Land Feature by

What brings the visitors is the spectacular backdrop of Andean peaks, ice-capped even in summer, the breathtaking scenery around the seven sprawling lakes and, increasingly, the beer.

Farmhouse Sisters, Part Two: A Letter From France Feature by

Geography and history explain why the Farmhouse Ale tradition has stayed alive in Nord-Pas-de-Calais or northern France. Also known as the Bière de Garde region, this area is nestled right against the Belgian border.

Farmhouse Sisters, Part One: Let’s Meet the Blonde Feature by

Similar to the origins of IPA, Saisons were and are highly hopped. Hops acted as a preservative and kept the beers in good condition for their long storage periods. Add the existence of wild yeast in the process and the result is a finished beer that is quite bitter and tart.

Fresh ALT-ernatives Feature by

While lagers and German Pilsners reign supreme in most areas of the country, Altbier accounts for almost half the beer consumed in Düsseldorf, and local Altbier breweries and quaint brewpubs churn out surprising volumes of the antique beer style.

Beer Wasteland: A Survival Guide for Desperate Situations Feature by

If you find yourself trapped in a beer wasteland, do not despair, for there is hope. Like Virgil leading Dante through the pits of Hell, let this guide lead you safely to survival in an otherwise uninhabitable clime.

American Brewers in the Land of the Midnight Sun Feature by

Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company joins a growing trend of American brewers collaborating with Scandinavian beer brethren.

BeerFly: Airline Edition Feature by

Welcome aboard Jet Brew Flight IBU77 from Fridge to Belly. Please direct your attention to our BeerAdvocate in-flight beer guides, Jason and Todd, for today’s current offerings.

Nine Great Beer Towns You Didn’t Know Were Great Beer Towns Feature by

Go beyond the mega-breweries and discover some lower-key destinations where beer is part and parcel of the local culture.

Little Town, Big Beers: Touring the Breweries and Cafés of Ingelmunster, Belgium Feature by

The Belgian town of Ingelmunster may be small, but beer-wise, it’s huge.
 Located in the province of West Flanders, Ingelmunster is a place with a long history, jam-packed with political and religious strife and, of course, untold hectoliters of fine Belgian beer.