BeerAdvocate magazine #18

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At some point, brewers have to advertise to not only sustain their current demand, but to grow and compete in new markets.

Beer News News by

Dundee Brewing Company raises awareness for bees; fire at the Matt Brewing Co.; Oregon beer distributors unite to fight A-B; beer from space; and the mega merger.

Why the Midwest Rocks! Unfiltered by

With all of the region’s successes and the outstanding and diverse beers available, I think it’s about time we give Midwestern brewers the praise due to them. They’ve got my vote for best in the industry.

Wheat Wine: The Improbable Style BYOB by

Varying in color, strength, aroma and flavor, the style is a confusing flux of newness. Soft bready aromas and sweet wheat flavors provide a safe experimental base. Everything else is up in the air!

California Common: A San Francisco Treat Style Profile by

Nothing from California is “common.” Not its people, its governor or its weather, and certainly not this beer.

David Zuckerman of Boulder Beer Company Going Pro by

David Zuckerman has seen Boulder Beer Co. grow from a brewery on the brink of the abyss to a robust company enjoying double-digit growth and a distribution presence in 25 states.

Beer Wares Wares by

Bar-scented candles, spicy southwestern beer marinade, and beer boots.

Staking Your Claim, One Cup at a Time Innovation by

Etch-It Cups help beer-drinking party-goers prevent losing their drinks in a sea of red plastic cups.

The Chelada Ask the Beer Geek by

The beer geek explains the Chelada phenomenon and shares his own drink recipe.

Pints for Prostates Advocate This by

Rick Lyke urges readers to get a PSA test and help spread awareness of prostate cancer.

Sushi and Beer Cooking with Beer by

When did the Pilsner become the standby beer for most Asian cuisines? While certain varieties of fish are delicate, the makeup of certain fishes such as a fatty toro or oily mackerel will stand up to a more complex ale.

Cold Beer and Baseball: Two Words That Unite America’s Favorite Pastimes Feature by

Beer and baseball have been married for years now, and every game is a honeymoon.

Founding Brew: Rebuilding America’s Relationship with Beer Feature by

Looking back, we survey a country where beer was once the agitator of rebellion and omnipresent companion to social discourse. Behind us is the mass industrialization of beer, but also the craft explosion; ahead of us—possibilities.

Seattle Destinations by

Gorgeous scenery. Friendly people afflicted by a near-compulsive need to mainline hops. Tons of boats. Is there a reason to not start drinking your way from one end of Seattle to the other? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Living the Dream Last Call by

Matthew Steinberg of Mayflower Brewing Company reflects on the privilege of brewing for a living.