BeerAdvocate magazine #5

Time to Put the “Advocate” into BeerAdvocate Beer Smack by

How BeerAdvocate will become more involved, socially and politically, to advocate for beer.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from Smuttynose’s expansion to Australia’s toad trapping reward.

Judging Beer Unfiltered by

With countless accolades slapped on the sides of six-packs, consumers are wise to learn about a competition’s methods before they plunk down money for an “award-winning” beer.

Let’s Party! Throwing Your Very Own Brew-Ha-Ha BYOB by

Good homebrew party hosts provide diverse choices, but don’t let guests unthinkingly reach for the usual.

Brown Ale: Overdue Props for an Oft-Forgotten Standby Style Profile by

Admit it, you probably wish Brown Ale was something “better”—stronger, more assertive, different.

Todd Haug of Surly Brewing Company Going Pro by

In less than a year and a half of brewing, Surly Brewing Company, a tiny Brooklyn Center, MN brewery, has already put the industry’s big boys on notice.

Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Wares by

Remove bacteria on the tongue that impacts how we taste beer.

Beer Without Barley? Innovation by

Spurred by better awareness and diagnosis of the disease, interest in gluten-free and low-gluten beers among brewers has grown dramatically. But how do they taste?

Support Your Local Brewery! Advocate This by

Even though you might buy, drink, sell or brew beer, you can always do more for beer and your local craft brewer.

Serving Temperature, Homebrew Kegging and Gout Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek tackles optimal serving temperature, homebrew kegging and gout.

Beer Rocks: The Organized Chaos of Brewers and Their Music Feature by

Both musicians and brewers express themselves as artists by putting a lot of themselves into their craft; be it a new Stout or a new song. It’s no huge surprise then, given these fundamental similarities, that many brewers are also musicians and many breweries have their own bands.

Nashville! Destinations by

A compilation of Nashville’s top brewpubs and beer bars, as ranked by readers who value beer above all else.

Departed Friends Last Call by

Remembering John Young, Wally Ruwich and Jim Kennedy.