BeerAdvocate magazine #89

Passing of the Red Pen Beer Smack by

This is a bittersweet issue for us here at BeerAdvocate. Courtney Cox is about to pass the red pen to a new managing editor. During her tenure, she’s taken a magazine that many thought would fail before it started to one of the most respected beer magazines in the world.

“Weed Beer” Unlikely to Blaze a Trail through Colorado Retail News by

Colorado’s recreational marijuana dispensaries, which set up shop in January, seemed to open the door to legal and responsible use of marijuana by the public. But while folks enjoy the plant’s effects when smoked or eaten, a commercial beer brewed to give a high won’t be happening anytime soon.

Controversial Florida Legislation Dies in Session News by

A bill widely viewed as a setback for Florida craft brewers died in the state House. After passing the state Senate with a 30–10 vote, Florida Senate Bill 1714 would have prohibited brewers making more than 2,000 kegs per year from selling more than 20 percent of their beer on-site.

Breweries Take It Outside News by

California’s Mraz Brewing Co. is putting its weight behind an initiative to expand the trails of El Dorado Hills, right in the brewery’s backyard. The partnership is just one example of a flurry of likeminded ventures between the beer world and nature trail enthusiasts.

Beer News News by

South Carolina is poised to pass legislation overhauling its brewpub laws; rare beers stolen from Cantillon; The Alchemist to open a new production brewery; and A&E greelights a pilot episode of The Big Brew Theory.

Beer and Food Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Beer and Food.

The Devil’s Cup Kindred Spirits by

Playing off the tart green apple and caramel notes commonly found in sour red ales, The Devil’s Cup includes these flavors, yet still maintains its integrity as a mixed drink. The goal is to use the beer as one would use any other ingredient in a cocktail: with a balanced touch.

Keeping Tabs on Your Taps Innovation by

As anybody with a kegerator knows, the impromptu parties always happen where the beers are. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your taps. Kegbot is a software and hardware one-two punch that keeps track of how much beer has been poured out of a keg, so you know when to replace it.

StickyFat American Dark Ale by Half Acre Beer Co. Label Approval by

No Half Acre label looks quite like another. In the story of the StickyFat bear, the slightly dopey, lethargic beast waits for the season’s hops to swell with their sweet, sticky oils, before he plods in and eats his fill.

Good Brewers Make Good Neighbors The Business of Beer by

It has been difficult for craft beer fans in the baffling beer desert of Los Angeles County. But that’s changing, in part thanks to two new, wildly different brewers who are putting the brewery-friendly city of Torrance on the map.

The Yeast Genome Project Zymology by

With the recent boom in wild ales and sour beers, yeast is having a serious moment in the spotlight. But more experimentation means breweries risk exposure to cross-contamination and infection. That’s why Avery Brewing Co. teamed up with the University of Colorado to genetically sequence yeast strains.

Resisting the Novelty of Newness Unfiltered by

At a time when our beer culture is increasingly dominated by consumer proclivities toward promiscuity, the watchword is more. But when the industry chases new beers in the absence of the smart curation, the resulting expansion of bottle and tap selections leads to bloat and a lot of stale beer.

Hoare and Co. History by the Glass by

When it closed in 1934, Hoare and Co. was one of the oldest businesses in London, dating back to Tudor times. Today, the site is home to a block of apartments, and not a trace of the brewery remains. Will the Hoare name ever return?

Hate / Respect the Law BYOB by

The rise (or rumor) of aspiring-professional brewers serving without proper certification will make any state ABC turn a jaundiced eye to the motivations of a homebrewer. So if you’re thinking about serving your homebrew semi-commercially, realize that you’ll be impacting the rest of your community.

Enhancing the Flavors of India with Beer Cooking with Beer by

Indian dishes exude exotic aromas and complex savory elements that can range from sour, bitter and astringent, to chili heat, to sweet, sometimes all within one single bite. Discover some of them with recipes for a mixed vegetable curry and an Indian rice pilaf.

Fermentation Lounge in Tallahassee, Florida Barkeep by

Since opening in 2008, Fermentation Lounge, Tallahassee’s go-to beer bar has grown right along with the city’s beer scene. Pull up a fire-engine-red leather bar chair, and start exploring with two taps dedicated to Fermentation Lounge “house biers,” brewed on-site.

Tim Adams of Oxbow Brewing Company Going Pro by

The Oxbow brewery sits on 18 acres in mid-coast Maine and the brewhouse is housed in an old barn. Tim Adams, Oxbow’s co-founder and head brewer, brews for a living because he believes beer is an amazing culinary creative outlet.

Brevnovský Klášterní Pivovar Sv. Vojtecha From the Source by

Brevnovský Pivovar has an annual production of about 2,500 barrels. Most of that is its Pale Lager, but it also makes an Imperial Stout, a Baltic Porter and an IPA, all rarities in lager-loving central Europe. For the moment, however, none of the brewery’s beers are regularly exported out of the Czech Republic.

Where to Drink in Columbus, Ohio Destinations by

It wasn’t long ago that the beer scene in Columbus was dominated by the local Anheuser-Busch brewery on the north side of the city. But while only two craft breweries in the city date back more than 20 years, Columbus is at the heart of the state’s current craft beer boom.

Going Global: Craft Brewers Expand to Foreign Shores Feature by

Craft exports currently represent about $73 million in yearly sales. And with newly announced trade partnerships in place, and more on the way in South America and Asia, the craft beer-export industry is poised for further growth.

Planes, Trains & Collaboration Brews: International Collaborations Celebrate Global Beer Culture Feature by

The ambition of international collaboration brewing is to bring together brewers—and their different approaches—in an environment where they can share and learn, and build something that is perhaps greater than the sum of its parts.

Walt & Luke Dickinson, Founders and Brewers, Wicked Weed Brewing Last Call by

Since opening in 2012, Wicked Weed, the Dickinson brothers’ Asheville, N.C., brewery, has been at the forefront of the industry’s relative newcomers, most recently taking home a bronze at the 2014 World Beer Cup.