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Ludger Berges, Owner of Hopfen & Malz Last Call by

When Ludger Berges opened his boutique bottle shop in Berlin four years ago, the city’s craft brewing scene was just starting to take shape. Since then, Berlin’s craft beer market has exploded.

German Porter: Part One History by the Glass by

There’s an unbroken history of Porter brewing in Germany going back around 200 years. Porter was the first style to be a huge international hit and was brewed all over the world.

Dry Spell: Brewers Are Dry-Hopping Sour Beer to Create Tart Refreshers with IPA Aromatics Feature by

Today, lemony Berliner Weisses and salty-sour Goses are the rage, while new hop varieties and brewing techniques allow bitter, aromatic IPAs to dominate tap lists and beer fridges. Given the speeding popularity of both categories, it was merely a matter of time before sour met hoppy in a head-on collision.

Hop Creep Unfiltered by

The Age of IPA has signaled an end of creativity and experimentation. Based around a handful of hot, new hoppy styles with similar characteristics, we’re in a time of creeping homogeneity.

Stefano Daneri, Project Manager of Good People Brewing Co.’s Adopt-the-Hops Program Last Call by

A collaboration between Good People Brewing Co. and Jones Valley Teaching Farm has managed a counterintuitive feat: spreading beer education to adults and food education to youth at the same time.

Europe’s “New” Americans: Beyond Stone and Brooklyn, American Brewers are Bringing New Brews to the Old World Feature by

If we overlook all the Americans who moved to Europe and started brewing American-inspired beers there, which already-existing American craft brewery will be the first to open its own European brewing facility?

Berliner Weisse Part One History by the Glass by

Like all styles that have been around for more than five minutes, Berliner Weisse has undergone several transformations, adapting to technological, political and social change. It’s currently in a very sad state in Germany, hanging on by a thread. Only one version, Kindl, is made in any quantity.

Trevor Brown of The Lone Pint Brewery Going Pro by

Trevor Brown is part of a rapidly expanding group of brewers redefining Texas beer. His brewery, The Lone Pint, has turned Magnolia, a tiny town an hour outside Houston, into a destination for brawny, hoppy ales.

Unlocking the Secrets of Smell: Hop Chemists Are Advancing How We Understand and Manipulate Aroma Feature by

Don’t let the names confuse you. Aroma compounds are being engineered into your beers, so think about them the next time you smell a hop bomb. Does your nose detect anything besides that hop character?

El Bait Shop in Des Moines, Iowa Barkeep by

El Bait Shop opened in 2006 with 105 draft handles, 100 bottles and a roadhouse vibe to pay tribute to the burgeoning beer movement in the US.

Hop Processing Capacity in US Grows News by

Two new hop processing operations—one in Washington’s Yakima Valley and another facility-in-planning in Virginia—seek to provide brewers with a quality product and a shorter turnaround time.

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company: Iowa’s Hops Specialist From the Source by

The focus on hops at Toppling Goliath has been there from the beginning. It wasn’t an obvious fit at first. Iowa wasn’t known for boundary-pushing brews. And tiny Decorah is nestled among the rolling hills of northeastern Iowa’s Driftless Region, a rural area of small farms and small towns.

Jason Malone of Good People Brewing Company Going Pro by

When Good People first launched in Birmingham, Ala., in 2008, the brewery was somewhat constrained—by Alabama’s legal restrictions on brewing, and by what they thought the market could handle. But things are changing.

On Roman Time Unfiltered by

The Julian system is but one of many tricks that craft brewers employ to confuse unsuspecting consumers into buying old and often lifeless beer. Lacking in simple clarity, it requires customers to come equipped with additional computational skills just to find a relatively fresh bottle.

Boneyard Beer From the Source by

In the parlance of committed tinkerers and unrepentant hoarders, the “boneyard” is where old flubbernuzzer tubes and double-lined samizdat tanks languish until pressed into service. Tony Lawrence has kept one for most of his adult life. In his younger years, it held car parts. Most recently, the garage his house in Bend, Ore., has held brewing equipment.

Devils Backbone Brewing Co. From the Source by

Basecamp. Outpost. Those are the two halves of Devils Backbone Brewing Co., one of Virginia’s fastest-growing beermakers. And in their short life span, Devils Backbone’s two brewhouses have garnered 23 medals at the Great American Beer Festival and five more in the World Beer Cup competition.

Studying for the Bar: How One Attorney Advocates for Beer in Court Back of the House by

Attorneys like Alva Mather help brewers navigate brewery-entity formation, trademark law, wholesale-brewer relations and local ordinances.

Travis Smith of Societe Brewing on Hoppy Burps and Trusting Your Palate Going Pro by

A veteran of The Bruery and Russian River Brewing, Travis Smith co-founded San Diego’s Societe Brewing Co. in 2012 with his friend Doug Constantiner.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time BYOB by

This recipe is all about the PB&J sandwich. It’s based around a Brown Ale, with rye and aromatic malt for toasty bread, and yeast that gives us an English “fruity jam.” Then after fermentation, a helping of powdered peanut butter.

HopCat in Grand Rapids, Michigan Barkeep by

With a knowledgeable staff to guide patrons through the bar’s 48 taps (Michigan oriented, of course), one cask and around 200 bottles, HopCat is also a friendly place for first-timers.

Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room in San Diego Barkeep by

In the spirit of the gallery district, Bottlecraft has original artwork throughout the shop. Beers featured in their special flight offerings are also displayed as art, lined up on small wooden shelves.

Beer Baggers: A Complete Survey of the World’s Best Beer Takes Lots of Time, Friends and Money Feature by

For as long as has published a list of the world’s top beers there have been those who attempt to sample everything on it. Why? Because, like a mountain, it’s there. And because you know you’re trying the best beer in the world, as determined by a broad consensus of beer advocates.

Modern Times Beer Label Approval by

Christian Helms and Jakob McKean started with 14 different concepts for the can design, inspired by vintage packaging McKean had collected. Then they brought in typographer Simon Walker to create the logotype. What they ended up with was simple, yet striking.

One Recipe History by the Glass by

The past isn’t a foreign country. It’s a whole foreign continent, where each country is weirder than the last. Recipe formulation is an area where this is particularly true.