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Where to Drink in Glasgow, Scotland Destinations by

Glasgow is currently coming into its own, with a growing reputation as one of the friendliest cities in Great Britain—as well as one of the most entertaining places to drink and eat.

BrewDog’s Arrival Changes Columbus Beer Scene News by

When BrewDog announced the Columbus, Ohio, location of its US brewing operations in June 2015, it left some wondering how the arrival of a big player would impact the city’s beer scene.

The Imitation Game: How Breweries Create Consistency Feature by

As many of the largest craft breweries open additional locations in new markets, they’re up against a difficult task: making sure their famed flagships taste the same everywhere.

Creature Comforts Brewing Company: Supplying Georgia’s Growing Demand From the Source by

In 2011, David Stein boldly proclaimed that he would make the best beer Atlanta had to offer. When Creature Comforts opened in Athens, the prophecy came true, in a way. The brewery is one of the most raved about in Georgia.

Beer News News by

BrewDog announces location in Columbus; Minnesota allows Sunday growler sales; US breweries win at Australian International Beer Awards; AB InBev trademark application suspended; Alabama craft beer law limits brewery expansion; and breweries and brewpubs now open or coming soon.

David Donley, Chief Engineer, Brew Dogs Last Call by

If those surprisingly comprehensible Scottish accents have charmed you into binge-watching Brew Dogs, you’ve probably also been won over by the likes of their silver-bearded right-hand-man, David Donley. Each episode, Martin Dickie and James Watt task him with the impossible, and he makes it happen.

BrewDog Launches Development Fund, Selects First Two Recipients News by

During its annual shareholders meeting, BrewDog of Scotland announced plans to invest in up-and-coming craft breweries across the globe. The first two recipients are Brew By Numbers and CAP (Curious Audacious Products).

Planes, Trains & Collaboration Brews: International Collaborations Celebrate Global Beer Culture Feature by

The ambition of international collaboration brewing is to bring together brewers—and their different approaches—in an environment where they can share and learn, and build something that is perhaps greater than the sum of its parts.

Where to Drink in São Paulo, Brazil Destinations by

Revel in a craft beer scene that is by far the most advanced in Latin America. Today, you’ll find Black IPAs, Saisons, Imperial Stouts, and plenty of Brazilian-themed beers like açai Stouts and cassava Pilsners. Until recently though, finding craft beer in São Paulo was like looking for the source of the Amazon.

Beer News News by

The Alchemist closes cannery to public, promises new retail space soon; analysts believe time is nigh for SABMiller / AB-InBev merger; phony “Brew Dog” beer shop opens in China; and new beer laws on tap for Ohio, Michigan and Georgia.

Beer News News by

More celebrities collaborating with craft brewers; Coors causes controversy at Puerto Rican celebration; malfunctioning beer fridge responsible for Australian cellular network blackout; TTB opens door for beer, wine, spirits to add nutrition labels; and BrewDogs set to air Scottish founders’ hijinx on US TV this fall.

The Moorish Idol Kindred Spirits by

This gin, honey and spiced beer cocktail won the US National portion of the Caorunn Gin Storyteller’s Global Challenge 2012 held at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Beer News News by

Shelton Brothers: The Bane of New York Breweries?; Diageo Pressures BII to Bamboozle BrewDog; Shipping Beer via USPS Now Allowed; Michigan Brewing Company Losing Ground; and Tragedy Strikes Redhook.

Beer News News by

Long Trail lends a hand to citizens in need; brewers throughout the Northeastern US cope with floods; can extra bubbles give Foster’s a lift?; Yuengling expands distribution to the Buckeye State; and the world’s strongest fermented beer, fresh from a deer.

Beer News News by

Robot serves a cold one; BrewDog ends history, t’ Koelchip starts the future; “Brewed” coming soon to a TV near you; Canadian football team eradicating beer snakes.

Why We Do What We Do Last Call by

James Watt and Martin Dickie of BrewDog are foot soldiers in the fight for craft beer awareness.

Beer News News by

Burger King to serve beer at new concept; the fight for world’s strongest beer continues; F.X. Matt Brewing rescues Flying Bison; and British pubs to get new, safer glasses.

Beer News News by

Sapporo releases beer made with space barley; Vermont’s Long Trail to acquire Otter Creek; BrewDog unveils world’s strongest beer; and be brewmaster for a day at Frankenmuth.

Beer News News by

Rock Art Brewery wins monstrous legal battle; Greg Noonan passes away; BrewDog’s Nanny State keeps drinkers off the naughty step; and a black bear makes a beer run in Wisconsin.

Martin Dickie Going Pro by

BrewDog Brewery commands a global audience from a tiny outpost on Scotland’s northeast coast. Its beers have inflamed critics and ignited a debate about what beer in the UK can and should be.