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Past Perfect: Coolships Take Off Around the Country Tools of the Trade by

While anachronistic, the coolship is now used by more than two dozen breweries across the US to create spontaneously fermented ales in the Lambic tradition.

Strength in Numbers: Will Mergers Help Small Breweries Compete with Big Beer? The Business of Beer by

What does the recent series of small brewery mergers mean for the companies involved? And more importantly, what does it say about the future of craft brewing?

Chase Healey of Prairie Artisan Ales Going Pro by

Chase and Colin Healey founded Prairie Artisan Ales a little more than a year ago with a single purpose: to brew complex farmhouse and barrel-aged beers. Chase brews small batches of beers he’s interested in. Colin hand-draws Prairie’s label art. This, they believe, is the future of craft brewing.