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The 20 Most-Read BeerAdvocate Stories of 2018 News by

The most popular BeerAdvocate stories in 2018 covered a fairly wide range of topics, from the polarizing subject of kids in brewery taprooms, to the best beer pairings for Nashville hot chicken, and a deconstruction of common myths about lager.

Fresh From the Can: Cranberry Beers and Ciders for the Holiday Table Food & Drink by

Whether you’re looking for something different to pair with beef brisket or need a companion for that slice of apple pie, make room for these cranberry beers and ciders at your holiday meal. 

Gardening for the Homebrewer Shelf Talker by

Gardening for the Homebrewer starts out with the basics, but what makes it great is chapters on growing other fermentables—from Gruit herbs, like yarrow and juniper, to cucurbits, the key to Cucumber Saisons and Pumpkin Ales.

Flameout: Breweries Come and Go, Even in a Growing Market Feature by

Of the 836 new breweries that opened between 2010 and 2013, approximately 350 will close by 2016. It’s a shocking number that makes sense after asking the people behind recently shuttered breweries about the challenges they faced.

Bittersweet Symphony: How Beer Is Informing Today’s Generation of Cider Makers Feature by

As with beer, craft cider is aiming for people with more sophisticated palates. And one of the first things modern cider makers have done is dry the palate out. To lure beer drinkers, cider makers in the Pacific Northwest started adding hops.

An Apple A Day BYOB by

The trick to a good apple beer is finding the balance between apple juice’s simple-sugar dryness and the meaty notes of malt—all while trying to retain a noticeable apple character that doesn’t taste like a poorly executed fermentation or a cesspool of apple extract.

Expanding the Brotherhood of Beer Unfiltered by

For craft beer drinkers occasionally interested in looking beyond the IPA horizon, cider and gluten-free beers offer a refreshing chance to experience both new and growing beverage categories.

The Rusty Apricot Kindred Spirits by

In a Rusty Apricot, the bitterness of an IPA is cut by the sweetness of cider, making for an excellent morning refreshment, or a gateway to hoppy beer for the non-indoctrinated.

Beer News News by

AB-InBev and MillerCoors want a piece of the apple cider pie; CAMRA Vancouver FUSS-ing over standardized pours; Belgium celebrates Trappist breweries; Oglala Sioux tribe suing brewers, wholesalers, retailers; and Virginia, Mississippi attempting to pass brew-friendly laws.

Enhancing Winter Desserts with Beer Cooking with Beer by

As holiday gatherings with friends and family abound, ’tis the season for entertaining—and that means cooking. These three desserts can all be made ahead of time, present well, and will be talked about as favorites for years.

Cider Is Not Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek clears up a common misconception about cider and beer.

Founding Brew: Rebuilding America’s Relationship with Beer Feature by

Looking back, we survey a country where beer was once the agitator of rebellion and omnipresent companion to social discourse. Behind us is the mass industrialization of beer, but also the craft explosion; ahead of us—possibilities.

Doppelbock of Resolution: Turn Over a New Brewing Leaf BYOB by

Break the cycle of your bad habits and climb out of your homebrewing rut with these Brew Year’s Resolutions.

Heresy: A Guide to Beer Cocktails, from College-grade Concoctions to Drinks Worthy of the Most Dignified Beer Buff Feature by

These cocktails can take several forms. There are the droppers, in which shot glasses of various hard alcohols are physically dropped into pints of beer; the substitutions, in which beer is swapped in for the traditional spirit; and the original, unique concoctions.