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Oaxacan Vacation: Mole-Style Tacos and Burgers With Beer Hot Sauce Cooking with Beer by

Nor Cal Mole, a hot sauce made with Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout, creates layers of umami flavor in recipes for taco meat, a mole burger, and Oaxacan secret sauce.

Cuban-Style Pork in Nut Brown Ale Cooking with Beer by

After braising in Nut Brown Ale, this Cuban-style pork shoulder is tender and juicy on its own or in a Cubano sandwich topped with dill pickles, cheese, and IPA mustard.

Beer-Infused Egg Rolls Cooking with Beer by

Use one versatile recipe to make Chinese-style BBQ pork egg rolls with Imperial Stout, or braised duck egg rolls with Flanders Red.

Fried Chicken Sandwich in a Polynesian-Style Beer Marinade Cooking with Beer by

Roasted pineapple relish, a spicy-sweet Hawaiian sauce, and a tropical IPA marinade put a Polynesian spin on a crispy fried chicken sandwich.

Indulging in Crab with Orval and Leeks Cooking with Beer by

Make crab meat even more decadent by combining it with Orval, white miso and leeks and using it in crab cakes, a pasta sauce, or as a topping on a roasted salmon filet.

Croquettes From Around the World Part 2 Cooking with Beer by

Continuing a thematic journey of perfect fried bar snacks from around the world, this recipe features a Belgian-style croquette. Here we use a different technique to create the filling and coating for the final croquette.

Croquettes From Around the World Part 1 Cooking with Beer by

When was the last time you had a croquette? You know, those delicious fried balls of breaded goodness? Most cuisines have a fried appetizer that falls into this category but in the US, we don’t see croquettes on the menu too often. The tater tot is the closest relative.

Turkish Köfte with Stout or IPA Cooking with Beer by

Combine lamb with roasty Stout, cumin, parsley and sumac to create a delicious main course, or substitute Stout for a citrusy IPA in chicken and turkey köfte.

Let’s Do (Vegan) Beer Lunch Cooking with Beer by

Unless you are a meat eater, you may have never experienced the wonderful combination of flavors in the iconic Reuben sandwich. Use the smoky, almost meaty flavors of a Rauchbier or Smoked Porter to bring umami and flavor to tofu and re-create this classic meal.

Beer Strudel: Sweet, Savory, and Super Tasty Cooking with Beer by

When made with beer, a strudel’s tender, flaky and super-tasty dough can become a wonderful meal. There are endless combinations of fillings and flavors that can be tried, but here are two recipes to try during Oktoberfest.

Mexican Tortas with Beery Fillings Cooking with Beer by

The sandwich: great bread, fresh and delicious ingredients layered together in a thoughtful order, giving way to texture and spices, all composed to pleasure the palate. Mexican Tortas accomplish just that.

Beer Dumplings Cooking with Beer by

Dumplings can range from simple to complex in flavor, texture and ingredients. Influenced by international cuisines, these versatile pouches come in many shapes and sizes and can be steamed, boiled or fried. Here are a few recipes that use beer.

Mexican Oktoberfest Cooking with Beer by

It’s hard not to notice that Mexican beer styles originated from Germany. So this year, for Oktoberfest, I wondered what it would be like to try putting a Hispanic twist on traditional German cuisine. Here’s how to celebrate this year’s Oktoberfest with a Mexican flare.

Beer and the Farmers Market Cooking with Beer by

Take a trip to the farmers market, then explore how the freshest foods from your local area can be transformed into cuisine à la bière dishes at your table.

Brats Gone Wild: Oktoberfest Sausage 2 Ways Cooking with Beer by

Bratwurst is a beautiful thing when prepared correctly. It’s the perfect one-handed meal: a good, chewy roll coated with mustard, filled with a meaty yet juicy sausage, and topped with beer-braised sweet onions and peppers.

Summer Picnicking with Pale Ale Cooking with Beer by

The hearty stews and soups of winter are replaced with fresh vegetables and bright tastes of summer that stand out on the palate, and what better brew for the warm outdoors than a hoppy Pale Ale.

Celebrating Fat Tuesday with Creole Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Forty-six days before Easter, New Orleans celebrates Mardi (French for “Tuesday”) Gras (“fat”). Here are three Creole-inspired recipes that are perfect for the occasion.

Beer-be-cue’n Cooking with Beer by

Barbecue goes hand in hand with beer and is perfect for this time of year. When turning on the oven during those hot summer days seems counterproductive to staying cool, go back to your roots and cook outside. Get primal!

Welcome to the Kasbah: North African Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

These recipes from Morocco and Ethiopia will possibly make you think differently when craving comfort food during the cold weather of winter.

Grilliant: Summer Burgers that Nod to Belgium Cooking with Beer by

This burger is inspired by the Trappist monks of Belgium—who are very choosy when it comes to their grain, hops, and yeast.