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Live Long and Prosper: How Two Family Breweries Continue to Compete Generations After Opening Feature by

A look at two of the longest-running family breweries in the US—New York’s F.X. Matt and Minnesota’s August Schell—explores the challenges they faced and the ways these companies survived when others disappeared after Prohibition.

Portner Brewhouse Opening Revives Family Brewing Legacy News by

Catherine and Margaret Portner, sisters and great-great granddaughters of 19th century brewer Robert Portner, revived the family legacy by opening Portner Brewhouse in Alexandria, Va.

Baltic Brewing: In Estonia, a Farmhouse Tradition Survives Feature by

The remote Estonian islands, an hours-long journey from the capital of Tallinn, have preserved many of the country’s cultural traditions, including brewing the rustic farmhouse ale Koduõlu.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company: Making Local Connections in Washington From the Source by

Bale Breaker Brewing is the creation of siblings Meghann Quinn, Patrick Smith and Kevin Smith, whose family started growing hops in Washington’s Yakima Valley back in 1932. They founded Bale Breaker in 2013, with help from Kevin Quinn, Meghann’s husband.

Ale in the Family: As Craft Brewing Matures, Sons and Daughters See a Future in Ales and Lagers Feature by

Do family-run breweries have a future in the current environment? With breweries proliferating at every turn, generational succession is a critical long-range consideration for some companies.

Trevor Brown of The Lone Pint Brewery Going Pro by

Trevor Brown is part of a rapidly expanding group of brewers redefining Texas beer. His brewery, The Lone Pint, has turned Magnolia, a tiny town an hour outside Houston, into a destination for brawny, hoppy ales.

Katy Benson & Doug Odell Student / Brewer Conference by

Doug Odell, co-founder of Colorado’s Odell Brewing Co., took time out of a brew day to let Katy Benson, a grad student in her second year of the Food Science Masters Program at UC Davis, pick his brain.

Beer News News by

Adverse growing conditions impact the Canadian barley crop; archaeological site provides oldest evidence of brewing in France; non-alcoholic Weissbier’s health benefits; New Century Brewing closes; and Charles Koch Jr. passes away at 88.

Richard G. Norgrove of Bear Republic Brewing Company Going Pro by

Richard Norgrove used to brew a brutally hoppy Red Ale for his mountain biking buddies. Then the cycling company he worked at was sold, and he figured he’d make a run at brewing for a living.