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Hazed and Confused: Seeking Clarity in IPAs Zymology by

What’s wrong with unfiltered beer? Nothing, traditionally speaking. Grains like oats and wheat, which brewers have used for hundreds of years, are known for rendering cloudy beer. But when it’s a hazy American IPA, people start arguing.

Maui Brewing Company: 5 Essentials 5 Essentials by

On Christmas Eve 2014, Maui Brewing Company opened the doors to its new taproom in Kihei, Hawaii. Bigger, greener and complete with an outdoor patio, Maui is poised for the future.

Turbid Times Beer Smack by

Presentation is part of the experience of enjoying beer and an influencer for consumers. It’s the eye candy that teases the other senses and sets expectations. It’s the all-important first impression. So why are a growing number of brewers releasing beers that frankly look like shit?

Kristalweizen: A Reluctant Lawnmower Beer Style Profile by

The good news is that, even without all that cloudy yeast and wheat sediment, crystal-clear Kristall Weiss still offers much of the signature aroma and flavor of a German wheat beer.

Salvaging Your Nasty Homemade Brew BYOB by

Short of a tannic overload, a phenolic disaster or a baby diaper in the fermentor, homebrew flaws are correctable.